Send coffee while the iron is hot

Every person living in a big city probably has their own small addictions which can improve their mood and make their life much more comfortable.


Where to get the inspiration from?

According to The Times edition, this particular year is recognized as the worst year for those who live nowadays. Members of the ACEX Alliance told us where they got their energy when a complete chaos was all over the world.


Overseas cosmetics is on the way toward you

Do we often think about how all these "overseas" tubs and bottles appear on the tables in beauty salons or on the shops’ counters?


Dreams don’t have the expiry date

THE Dream ... A special word from our childhood. We all turn our rich imagination on and put spiritual strength into it. Did your cherished dream from your childhood come true?


Need to Relax

Folk wisdom says: "the one who has a good rest works well", everyone knows that ACEX works well, but how does ACEX rest?


Trick or treat?

Every month ACEX companies deliver sweets from famous Russian manufacturers to foreign sweet tooths.


ACEX and M9 Logistics Guard your Health

German medical equipment was transported to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk hospital by ACEX companies in Frankfurt and Moscow.


A Client is Always Right! If the Client is Wrong, See Point 1

Every day, sales managers attend hundreds of training sessions, listen to endless webinars, attend master classes, and absorb tons of specialized literature with the purpose of establishing effective communication with the client.

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