Let’s Plant the Onion

Bureau Perevozok, ACEX in Rostov-on-Don, transported 768 kg of onion seeds for planting.


Disinfecting Streets in the Emirates

PSG, ACEX in Kazan, delivered KAMAZ vehicles to the United Arab Emirates in February.


The Best Age for a Freight Forwarder

Every period of life is good in its own way: youth is a drive, experience and knowledge come over the years, and the old age usually corresponds to wisdom.


Transportation of Crystals

The Black Sea Shipping Company, ACEX in Novorossiysk, has exported artificial crystals and sapphires for the largest high-tech manufacturer.


ACEX Helps to Identify the Infected with COVID-19

The company is engaged in transportation of x-ray machines and other medical equipment that are necessary to fight the pandemic.


Desktop Logistician's Guide from ACEX

The ACEX marketing team is developing a useful logistics book for cargo owners.


ACEX and SCM Sport Race in Support of the 4th SCM Congress

On October 6, sportsmen-freight-forwarders gathered in the "My capital-2019" race in support of the IV SCM Congress on Vorobevy Gory.

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