Cross by Off-Road

"A healthy mind in a healthy body"! ACEX struggled with sloppiness by using off-road run


Circulation of Social Networks

ACEX members talk about the advantages of social networks in various business spheres.  


Happy Women's day!

Men of the Alliance from around the world congratulated beautiful ladies on the International Women's Day.


First Freights of the First Russian Alliance

The first day of the year will stand for the whole year


What Airlines and why ACEX Experts Choose

Alliance members and partners share their preferences in the choice of airlines.


CARGO EXPRESS and Hankyu Hanshin Bring White Gold to Russia

A joint project with Hankyu Hanshin Express of transportation of 200 kilos of cotton to Osaka was implemented with Japanese accuracy.


Japanese Supplements under Finnish Sauce in Russia

Incorrect marking ended in inability to pass the customs control for one of the Alliance customers but ACEX experts found the way out.


Doors to Customer are Easily Open Together

Good partnership with the international companies allows alliance to organize joint business meetings with direct cargo owners from different countries worldwide.

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