CARGO EXPRESS and Hankyu Hanshin Bring White Gold to Russia

Everyone knows that oil is called “black gold”, but have you ever heard of “white gold”? it turns out that people used to call cotton like that in the ancient Babel 12 000 BC. And since then the cotton has been one of the most popular organic material in the world.

Елена Омельянчук

ACEX Moscow experts faced the white gold during the joint project with the Alliance partner – Hankyu Hanshin Express. The project was related to the transportation of 200 kilos of cotton material from Osaka to Moscow, the customs clearance was made in Domodedovo. 

“There were not any difficulties during the customs clearance, after the required procedures the cargo was delivered to the customer,” Elena Omelyanchuk, the expert of customs clearance and delivery department says.

The customer is a Russian store that sells textile and it means that very soon hundreds meters of Japanese cotton will spread across Russia and find its place in someone’s handmade.

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