Become the Best Version of Yourself

A person is capable of much, if he believes in himself. And what seems unbearable for one is a closed chapter for another one. It all depends on the motivation and internal statements that a person sets in front of his own «I». The stories of the internal victories of the ACEX members are good proof of it.

Story 1. How I Became Smaller
Author: Victor Molchanov, Import Manager, ACEX Rostovon-Don.

It seems strange to be proud of being normal, in this case – «weight is normal.» However, from the point of view of medicine, for those who faced with the overweight problem it doesn’t seem like that. At all.

I was bigger than my peers since the very childhood, and I kept hearing that it was age and teenage period, and when the time comes I will “grow up and stretch out”. People gave me examples of their friends or relatives with the same stories, but I still didn’t “stretch out”. I only gained my weight, if not quickly, then steadily.

So, it continued until January 2017. When I went to work after the next long January holidays, I found out that the figure on the scales broke all the previous records and made me truly terrified ... At the same time, the real “Miracle” happened to me (yes, that’s right, with a capital letter), I met my future beautiful wife!

Молчанов Виктор

And it gave a completely new impulse, motivation, and I, probably, for the first time in my life started to lose weight working hard! Of course, this did not happen by itself, I had to follow my diet thoroughly, meticulously count calories and increase physical activity.

From now on, I also joined such a nice kind of recreation as kayaking. And now it’s been already the second year when we spend 2 weeks away from civilization, among the rivers and lakes of Karelia. And there is also a lot of physical activity, starting with water rafting, ending with the regular cutting of wood for a fire.

In general, as they say: «All barriers and boundaries are in your head.» And by overcoming them, it is possible not only to return to normal, but also to discover new bright edges, of our amazing and wonderful world!

Story 2. How I Win the Bosphorus
Author: Olga Pirogova, Strategic Development Projects Team Leader / Marketing and PR, ACEX Moscow

The challenge is that 100% percent will make you move out of your comfort zone, make you grow at an accelerated pace. For me, the challenge was to cross the Bosphorus in Istanbul. One evening at the forum of sports fans, I wrote to a girl who was ready to give mr her slot for participation in the event for free. I love Istanbul, especially in the summer, so I made a decision instantly: “why not?”.

How to prepare for the Bosphorus cross continental race? 3-4 times a week to train with a professional, because the distance is 6.5 km in open sea water with the waves – it’s not a joke. You swim without insurance in a crowd of many thousands like you without feeling the bottom underneath.

Пирогова Ольга

I live by the principle: make the best version of what you are awarded by nature and life experience. I believe that if you have a desire, you are able to make yourself completely free from the need to be “the best” and to become free from complexes, not to hesitate about yourself and not to torture in order to become “better than others.” You can be really a happy person with what you already have and also respect and appreciate your competencies, believe in yourself, accept yourself.

And you know what? Other people will treat you exactly the same. Every day you can be the best version of yourself! Do it!

Story 3. How I Got Friendly with a Snowboard
Author: Yana Alekseeva, HR Manager, Free Lines Company, ACEX member in Moscow.

There are dreams that may seem simple. I mean it’s not a flight to the space, but something more real. But we are all adults, and we often do not have time, energy, or mood. And no one will help us to realize our dream. For me, such a «Wish list» was to learn snowboarding. I can ski, but the snowboard still was a mystery to me. And if you want something for a very long time, it will come true.

Last February my friends and I we went to Dombay (a ski resort in the North Caucasus). And on the second day of my trying I managed to snowboard .... and overcame the snowboard track with a height of 3200 meters. Fulfill your little dreams, they make us a little happier!

Алексеева Яна

Story 4. How I Conquered the Sky
Author: Ekaterina Krepkova, AGGL Operations Manager, ACEX Member in Azerbaijan

All my childhood, when other teenagers climbed on abandoned high-buildings and ran along them, I suffered from aerophobia. And only after a while, last year, I overcame my fear associated with height.

The long-awaited jump happened on my birthday when, having flown to Moscow, my friend and I we tried skydiving. At that moment I got the whole bunch of feelings: fear, anticipation, joy and delight! And it was worth doing it! I have never experienced such feelings! The next extreme act in my wish-list will definitely be a jump ... this time with a bungee.

Human capabilities are endless, the main thing is to want and go towards your goal no matter what.

Крепкова Екатерина

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