Doors to Customer are Easily Open Together

Membership in ACEX allows solving non-standard problems. It isn't just a delivery from one point to another with all necessary operations, but also rendering the additional help with the organization of negotiations with clients.

Good partnership with the international companies allows alliance to organize joint business meetings with direct cargo owners from different countries worldwide.

This time one of the alliance members needed assistance with negotiations with the Chinese partners.


"Denis Smirnov, the director of the branch in Togliatti of the Agency of Customs Logistics has called us,” - the Business Development Manager of FANS TRANS Andrey Baranov tells. “The customer of Denis needed help in negotiations with the Chinese manufacturers of car components".

FANS TRANS have met the representative of the Russian company and together visited the two manufacturing plants. According to Andrey Baranov it is useful for the companies to visit production as it can differ from what is often offered on the websites. 


"Sometimes misunderstandings appear in terms of how to optimize production processes or certain production safety issues may arise. But after the visit all of the improvements were made,” Andrey Baranov summarizes.

According to Denis Smirnov, director of the Agency of Customs Logistics branch, the number of deliveries from China to the Samara region increased due to the successful negotiations.

ACEX provides to its members the solution of a specific question to meet the needs of the client, organizing meetings face to face with cargo owners not for the first time.

Among similar examples the cooperation with partners from Japan Hankyu Hanshin Express when manufacturing enterprises of the Samara region with the representative of ACEX in Samara Alexey Gamanov have been visited, and a visit to the new Moscow Cargo terminal that was under construction. In their turn the international partners have repeatedly organized meetings with the large Japanese companies, such as Mazda, Lenovo and many others for ACEX members.

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