Extreme Sports in Logistics. Advice from the Experienced

Airat BilalovAirat Bilalov, general director, ACEX Kazansays a couple years ago overcame his fear and tried parachuting. “Of course I was a little bit nervous about the safety,” Airat remembers. “But I made a decision to jump and went to Menzelinsk, it's a town 290 km away from Kazan. I filled in the documentation, went for a quick medical check-up and received some safety training. I had no experience in parachuting and because of that I jumped with an instructor from the 4000 m. I have no words to describe my feelings! You step into nowhere and experience the free fall. We were descending for 5 minutes. During this period of time the fear disappears and you start to enjoy the scenery”.


Refer to the professionals and strictly follow the safety instructions, especially during landing. If you do it everything will be okay!

Inna Vysotskaya, marketing director, ACEX Group agrees with Airat that the best source for adrenaline is parachuting. “I did it 4 times; twice I jumped with the instructor from 4 km, and other two times I jumped independently from 800 m and 1000 m. And speaking about safety it's known that jumps with instructor are well organized and nothing dangerous can happen but when you jump independently anything can happen and gives you lots of emotions. I remember the adrenaline rush that was beyond all limits. The training took us around 90 minutes when we were jumping off the table and tried hanging on the parachute straps. After that you're considered to be ready for the jump,” Inna remembers.

Inna Vysotskaya


If you want adrenaline, act! Don't be scared, it's better to try than regret missed chances. And if you weren't lucky during parachuting it simply means that this sport isn't for you.

Denis Bobrakov, commercial director, ACEX Novorossiysk last winter tried snowboarding for the first time and he really enjoyed it. He made a decision that he would continue in the next season. 

“When I had to choose between ski and snowboard following the advice of professionals I decided to try them both. I devoted the first day to skiing and the second to snowboarding, after that realized that skiing isn't for me. The boots are uncomfortable, they don't bend and it's hard to walk in them. I'm not crazy about freestyle snowboarding because it takes a lot of time to practice! The most important thing for me in snowboarding is pleasure! Crystal clear air, dazzling white snow, sense of freedom, delicious food...isn't that awesome?” Denis says.

Denis Bobrakov


Start as soon as possible! Go for it and forget the fear! Spend some money on good equipment because that's the key! And start with instructor of course.

Elena BaranovaElena Baranova, deputy marketing director, ACEX Moscow as a student once volunteered at the Water Skiing Worldcup Championship in Dubna. “I was charmed by men and women who did incredible things on water. And they also told me that you can start at any age. Some years after during our vacation I decided to try extreme sports. First we tried parachuting that was pulled by a water scooter after I tried water skiing. Moving on water at a high speed is awesome! My arms hurt for a couple of days afterwards. That's an interesting sport that requires some skills,” Elena tells.


Extreme sports create a risk of injury. So if you aren't sure that you can handle a high slope or you may have a panic attack under water, don't take risk. Any extreme must be reasonable!

Andrew Baranov, business development manager, ACEX Shanghai faced extreme during winter holidays in China. He and a small company of friends decided to go camping in the mountains to escape the urban busy life and do some barbecue. “The first extreme situation was connected to the purchase of the tickets that turned into a fight because the number of tickets is limited but not the number of people willing to buy them. We were lucky and bought the tickets and went on our trip. The first day was devoted to hiking, by the evening we started to doubt if we would be able to find a place where we could stay for a night. Fortunately by the night we found a place - we stayed at someone's summer garden who left it for winter. Later they even invited us to join their party we agreed and they treated us with local rice vodka. Soon all of my friends fell asleep. Late at night I realized that I should keep the fire and stay awake, I was trying really hard but by 6 am I was too tired and blacked out. It was already sunny and not so cold so I could sleep without worrying about my friend freezing. In the morning when I woke up we continued our hiking and went down to the nearest village where we called a taxi to Shanghai”.

Andrew Baranov


Go hiking to the mountains more often! It helps to clear your mind and gives you some work out. But be careful while you're planning your route and don't take any presents from strangers.

Elina Valeeva, administrative and marketing manager, ACEX Moscow says “I'm far from extreme sports but I enjoy water parks with scary slides! I love this feeling of excitement, fear and adrenaline! The brightest memories are about the water park in the Atlantis hotel in UAE. There is a slide called zoomerango, and I believe its name speaks for itself. If you seek for an adrenaline rush it's for you. It is 150 meters long and 14 meters out of it is 90 degrees. To slide you need to enter a small cabin made of see-through plastic, where the floor literally OPENS! And you start sliding at a high speed thinking whether everything is going according to a plan of you should have written a will. I'm terribly scared of heights and still my memories are very vivid and when I think about it I see an open floor and the territory of the park!”.

Elina Valeeva


Dmitriy NikulinMake sure you have SPF on you when you're going to the water park and I advise you to wear a swimsuit not bikini to avoid some embarrassing situations.

Dmitriy Nikulin, airfreight department director, AIR CHARTER SERVICE among extreme sports prefers surfing. He tried for the first time on Bali. “It felt amazing! Despite it may look simple surging demands certain skill and good physical shape, you need to know how to swim and feel comfortable on water.

If you plan surfing start with instructor in s special surfing school and use boards for beginners. They're usually bigger and a little bit softer that the classic ones. It will help you to avoid injury. First days beginners surf on small waves and only after that the try to surf on line-up. It's a place where surfers wait for the waves, usually it's 50-250 meters from the beach.

Sharks are a huge danger and problem for surfers! Thanks God there are no sharks near Bali, but I heard that there are a lot of them in Australia”.


Pick a good instructor, start with small waves and chose a bigger board! It will help you to learn surfing faster and without injuries.

Evgeniya Vidulina, ACEX Group global partner network coordinator says “I've always been a pain in the neck. I tried windsurfing, kitesurfing, alpine skiing, snowboarding. And my friends made me try diving. One of them decided to get married under water in Maldives. So a company of divers, a bride with a veil, groom and the best man in black and white, kiss under the water and champagne.

A couple months prior to the wedding I started to take lessons with an instructor. At first the training takes place in the pool, they teach you theoretical and medical aspects. Since recreational diving is a sport that involves two partners my partner was my instructor. We were practicing various situations that may happen on water and sometimes he was closing the air. So imagine a situation I'm sitting on the bottom of the pool and he closes the air supply. He didn't notice that I ran out of oxygen while he was swimming and instead of polite asking him for oxygen I just kicked him to grab his attention”.

Evgeniya Vidulina Evgeniya Vidulina


If you or your partner runs out of oxygen quickly pass the regulator with the yellow hose to your partner and start coming up.

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