Good Deed in Detail

The reputation of the company depends on commitment to high ethical principles. Vital part of ACEX activity is not only international cooperation with friendly companies, but also participation in local ecological projects, support of children and youth education programs development, help to homeless animals. There are a lot of charity funds worldwide. We have found out what kind of help is rendered by Alliance members.

ASE AIR SEA EXPRESS, ACEX member in Taiwan

Доброта в деталяхACEX Taiwan has been a member of charity fund “Rotary club” for more than 30 years. Rotary club members are called Rotarians. Their main goal is to establish peace and kind will worldwide. Around 1 billion 200 thousand enthusiasts, who believe in idea of serving people, have become members of the fund.

ASE Air Sea Express, ACEX member in Taiwan donates Rotary Fund annually. Each year fund makes international grants for 100 billion dollars in the frame of culture exchange and different humanitarian projects which help to make life of billions of people better.

AIRON LOGISTICS, ACEX member in Turkey

Доброта в деталяхACEX member in Turkey, AIRON Logistics helps people in trouble. Specialists render transport support at South-West of Turkey in Hakkari Provence. Also they send humanitarian help to people suffered from earthquake.

ACEX in Finland

Доброта в деталяхACEX Finland is an official friendly organization for the World Wild Fund. Company took all obligations in annual support of the Fund in the form of donations. Experts of the company work on preserving various animals, in particular the Saimaa Ringed Seal. Certain results can be seen: the population of Saimaa Ringed Seal has increased, plants on ivory treatment in China have been closed, quantity of tigers in national park Bhutan doubled for the past six years.

ACEX Tolyatti

Доброта в деталяхACEX Tolyatti practice targeted charity, supporting unusual and meaningful for the region projects. From year to year company supported racing team of young kart racers, violin ensemble of Institute of Arts, projects of children Theatre studio.

ACEX Tolyatti cooperates with equestrian sport club “Viola” from Syzran for several years, helping in organization of youth and children competitions on interregional level.

Доброта в деталяхMany companies of ACEX Alliance regularly support children homes and shelters, but refused to publicize it. Everyone’s contribution is important. Each good deed can make someone feel warmer and more comfortable somewhere on the other side of the world or alongside. Everything is cyclic, your good deeds will come back to you.

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