ACEX Participated in all-Russian Half Marathon in Moscow and Kazan


On May 21 the biggest all-Russian marathon for 10 km, 5 km and 3 km took place in Moscow along central embankments. The event was attended by about 18 thousands of people and it became the most popular sports event in Russia for the whole history of the racing events. ACEX Alliance team consisting of the sportsmen and fans also participated in the racing for 5 km.

ACEX in Moscow have participated in such event for the first time. The team of 5 experts in logistics, airfreight and accountancy, headed by Miroslav Zolotarev, the Board Director of ACEX Alliance, reached the finish and showed good results having entered into 1/8 of leaders.

Дмитрий НикулинDmitry Nikulin, the Head of Air Charter Service in Russia, also joined ACEX team: “I really enjoyed the event. I used to run when I was younger but have forgotten about it for10 years because of much work. It is great that the colleagues offered such initiative – to shake ourselves and test our strength together. Such events unite when you open the people, who you know in work or business, from the other side with new positive qualities. I will participate in other events with pleasure.” 

On the same day the colleagues from PSG (ACEX member in Kazan) ran 10 km and 21,1 km distance. Julia Shahkalamova, Gulnaz Zeinetdinova, Galina Kocheva and Nurzida Meftahutdinova ran 3 km; Venera Fathullova – 10 km and Damir Ismagilov, Ilnur Minevaleev and Marat Muhmutov overcame 21,1 km distance!

Мирослав Золотарев
Участники марафона

ACEX participants in Kazan got their awards not for the first time. It is the third time when PSG specialists participate in the racing.

“I have been running since I was 12 years old, I went in for athletics and even became a candidate for master of sport for 100 m distance, - tells Venera Fathullova. – I have participated in many different contests during my sports carrier – from school till all-Russian. But Kazan marathon became the biggest one in the scope of number of participants and the event atmosphere. By the way, our specialist also participated in “InnoHalfMarathon” a month ago. So, we have a new tradition in PSG – participation in marathons.” 

Участники марафона в Казани
Участники марафона в Казани

Airat Bilalov, the Head of ACEX Kazan, noted that sport and active style of life became ingrained in the life of the company: “I am pleased that our team decided to participate in the Kazan marathon. We will stimulate and encourage such initiative. I was so impressed and think of “going back to the good old days” and also participate in the next racing.”  

Participating in racings became a good tradition for ACEX Alliance.  We hope that other members and partners will also join the initiative and we will cross the final straight for different distances together.   








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