Ladies from the Alliance Organized Transportation Carefully and Beautifully

Maria Moskvicheva, director of ACEX Rostov-on-Don and Maria Kulikova, expert of airfreight department of ACEX Moscow, demonstrated great teamwork of two ACEX offices in Russia.

The project of large cargo transportation from New Zealand to Krasnodar was implemented beautifully in a feminine way. Logistics is a many-sided sphere where something beautiful can be created out of simple things. One of the Rostov office customers is a company that produces canvas and vehicle curtains. It seems that there is nothing special about it but very often simple things like vehicle curtains can become a brand identity of a company.

The customer interested in transportation of the beautiful is based in Krasnodar but the company capable of manufacturing of large-format printing plotters could not be found closer than in New Zealand. They manufactured 4 large-format printing plotters 3,5 meters each while a standard size of the plotters don’t usually exceed 1,5 meters.

Мария Москвичева

“The plotters were shipped by Emirates,Maria Moskvicheva, general director of TC Bureau Perevozok (ACEX Rostov-on-Don) tells. “CARGO-EXPRESS (ACEX Moscow) met the cargo in Domodedovo and helped to organize internal customs transit, after that the cargo was delivered to the customer in Krasnodar”.

Maria Kulikova, an expert of airfreight department at ACEX Moscow-Domodedovo was coordinating the transportation after its arrival to Domodedovo.

Мария Куликова

A note from Maria Kulikova:

Internal customs transit is a popular service among the cargo owners. Taking into consideration an amount of cargo in the Moscow air hub internal customs transit helps to save up time and provide customs clearance at the destination point at the regional customs’ office.

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