Overseas cosmetics is on the way toward you

Overseas cosmetics is on the way toward you Do we often think about how all these "overseas" tubs and bottles appear on the tables in beauty salons or on the shops’ counters?

Many beauty products come to us from abroad. But in order to make us happy with their "miracle properties" or, on the contrary, not to meet our expectations, many products make a long journey, and often even change several modes of transport.

At the end of February, ACEX helped to get cosmetics with a total weight of over 18,000 kg from Israel to Perm. The goods’ route was long and difficult. On February 23, creams, tonics and other beauty products began their sea voyage, and on March 3 they already started their journey by land. It should be noted that the transportation of cosmetics requires special care, as it does not tolerate temperature changes and shaking. All this should be taken into account by the freight forwarding agents who organize the transportation of beauty items. The cosmetics was delivered to the customer in Perm on time, which was very handy on the eve of International Women`s Day, when the demand for such products increases significantly.

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