Send coffee while the iron is hot

КофеEvery person living in a big city probably has their own small addictions which can improve their mood and make their life much more comfortable.

For many people, among all these endless deadline pressures and attempts to catch everything at once, this "fragrant oasis" is a cup of coffee.

Coffee has become a new Culture. In Russia, this culture began its development not so long ago. It's never too late to mend. Of course, the Russian coffee market is becoming more and more competitive, especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

One of the striking examples of such pioneers in the world of "quality coffee" is the roast brand with an interesting name «The Welder Catherine», named after the girl who inspired the founder of the brand. The unicity of this coffee is that the owner of the coffee shop roasts the coffee on his own, as he believes that it plays an integral role in further taste.

How does ACEX relate to coffee, will you ask? Throughout the year, ACEX has been working closely with importers and transport companies to ensure that coffee from The Welder Catherine arrives at its destination as is right and proper. ACEX experts provide support to the client at every stage of the export process, from providing information on the specifics of work in a particular country to recommendations for preparing a shipment of coffee.

Ирина Мурылева Irina Muryleva, head of the air transportation department of ACEX Moscow, who deals with coffee transportation, says: “Coffee beans are transported by trucks, sometimes rail or air transport, where should be the ideal atmosphere for storing - good ventilation, opacity and moisture resistance ".

Since coffee is a very sensitive product, its shipping should be organized as soon as possible. If you do not follow all the rules of transportation, then coffee can lose its taste and aroma. The unloading of the goods should be carried out very fast. The entire procedure often takes 1 - 2 days. The algorithm is approximately the following: in the evening, the beans are roasted especially by the time of shipment, in the morning documents are getting ready and during the day ACEX try to send the coffee to the customer.

For ACEX experts it is always a challenge, but how nice is it to understand that your work and efforts will be indemnified over a cup of coffee somewhere in Kazan or in Portugal. Cooperation on an ongoing basis has already grown into friendship, and helping friends is always a pleasure.


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