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This year 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup was held in Russia. Cheers and chants quieted down, champagne that was poured over the winners dried away, but there is 2018 FIFA World Cup ahead. In the atmosphere of sport, excitement and friendship ACEX alliance members decided to share their stories about the sports they watch, teams they support and places whey visit to shout out for their favorite teams.

Дарья Апасова

Darya Apasova, head of international freight department, ACEX Saint Petersburg has been a huge fan of football for 15 years! She has never missed a single home game of her favorite team from Samara called Krylya Sovetov. “Bronze medals, life or death matches, roaring stadiums, autographs of favourite team players, and coaches – I faced it all!” Darya Apasova says. In Saint Petersburg she still attends football matches, but now she has one more favourite team – Zenit, and when Zenit plays against Krylya she always wears the colors of both teams and supports them both and just enjoys the game.

Денис Бобраков

Denis Bobrakov, commercial director, ACEX Novorossyisk used to play football professionally, nowadays he plays indoor and outdoor football, his team participates in Anapa Region Championship. Among football teams he supports FC Krasnodar and FC Barcelona. “When I was a child my idol was Zinedine Zidane, now I support Iniesta, he is a half-back at FC Barcelona. He is not probably as popular as Neymar or Messi but I do respect him for his technique and we are both by the way half-backs at our teams. I believe that team sports like football teach us teamwork. It is more difficult to reach a goal alone but when you have a strong team you can achieve anything,” Denis tells.

Владимир Боярчук

It turned out that Vladimir Boyarchuk, general director, ACEX Irkutsk is interested in the event tourism especially sports events. “Olympics in Beijing, Vancouver, FIFA in Brasil, Bandy World Championship in Irkutsk are only a small part of all events that I attended. All of them are awesome in their own way, tons of emotions and it is really hard to choose the brightest one. Well, the most vivid memories are of Maracana Stadium in Brasil. Copacabana, football, fans, ocean all together it was AWESOME!” Vladimir remembers.

Элина Валеева

There are also ice hockey fans among ACEX members, for example Elina Valeeva, marketing and administrative manager, ACEX Moscow. “I support an ice hockey team from Ufa called Salavat Yulayev, their fan club has an interesting nickname, it is called “green machine”. Green is their main color, the players and cheerleaders wear green uniform, the cheerleaders are called “Ice Girls”, and they are becoming so popular that I think that one day they will have their own fan club”. Recently she has started to attend basketball games “My favourite team is BC Khimki! The games are very exciting and dynamic, you will never get bored, and in just one minute the score can change completely!

Вадим Марданов

Vadim Mardanov, general director at ACEX Yekaterinburg supports “bumblebees” – it’s a nickname of FC Ural. It is the leading club of the Sverdlovsk area and Yekaterinburg that represents their region and town in Russia. “The club is more than 80 years old. The colors of the club are black and orange, and their mascot is a bumblebee. I don’t really have time to attend football matches unfortunately, so I support the team watching games on TV,” Vadim says..

Мария Москвичева

Maria Moskvicheva, general director, ACEX Rostov-On-Don, “I support FC Rostov and FC Zenit, and the brightest memory associated with the football match is related to European Championship 2012 in Donetsk. It was a game England vs Ukraine. As far as I remember Rooney scored a goal 1:0. In my memories there is a beautiful Donbass Arena, people who are singing the Ukrainian anthem, waving flags…and just in two years there is no stadium, no friendship. We live at a very amazing time being at the shoulder of history!”

Дана Аршина

Kazan can fairly be called a capital of sports, it is impossible here to avoid sport events. PSG team tries to lead an active lifestyle – mountain climbing, camping, marathons etc. According to Dana Arshina, head of advertising and PR department, ACEX Kazan they attend sporting events as well supporting HC Ak Bars and FC Rubin, they went to watch World Aquatics Championships that took place in Kazan in 2015. “But the brightest memories are of football match during Confederation Cup 2017 when the team of Portugal led by Cristiano Ronaldo played against Mexico. You rarely have a chance of watching a football game live with the legendary players and we of course couldn’t miss it! It was very interesting to watch how Ronaldo literally hauls the team using his signature moves. Mexican fans were fun to watch, they were very emotional and active, and we even took a picture with them. Now we’re looking forward to FIFA 2018, we will definitely attend the games,” Dana Arshina tells.

Инна Высоцкая

And of course our alliance members couldn’t miss the biggest sporting event of year 2014 - Winter Olympics in Sochi. “It is the pinnacle of the Russian sport and the most memorable sporting event in my life. Together with kids we attended ice-hockey semi-final, figure skating contest (the picture was taken on the day when Adelina Sotnikova, a Russian figure skater, won the golden medal). Freestyle at Rosa Khutor. It was a bright week in the atmosphere of patriotic spirit, Russian victories, high level of organization, mutual support and friendship! I wish this would last longer!” Inna Vysotskaya, marketing director at ACEX, Moscow remembers.

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