The Russian Export Center Recommends the Delivery through ACEХ Group

"ACEX Group is highly commendable and credible by the Russian exporters", - Dmitry Sladkov, manager for the support of export customers of Peroni, shares his impression about working together.

The company of the ACEX Group was chosen among the proven REC supply contractors in the logistic field not by chance. Cooperation with the Russian Export Center began with the active participation of ACEX in forums and conferences organized by REC.

"ACEX Group is an accredited partner of REC and a reliable supply contractor of logistics services, which gives us certain advantages in dealing with exporters. Sometimes, potential clients come to us because of REC recommendation,'' - says Evgeny Rastopchin, project manager of ACEX development department.

Thanks to the Alliance capabilities, exporters receive prompt response to all requests with a proposal for value. In addition, there are preliminary agreements with several REC offices in different regions of the country about joint activities for exporters, where ACEX takes part as an expert in the logistics market.

лицо.PNG "The quality of the provided services, just like the speed with which they are rendered, does not cause any complaints", - Dmitry Sladkov, the representative of Peroni said, - "the company delivers the goods on time, the safety of them is provided by every possible means".

In addition, the representative of the company-exporter noted the high level of professionalism and customer-oriented staff, who more than once supported Peroni with the most favorable offers on the "price-quality" ratio.


Russian-Export-Center.jpgRussian Export Center JSC (REC) is a state-owned development institute established by the Government to support the development of the non-commodity exports industry/sector. REC offers a wide range of financial and non-financial support tools to benefit the Russian exporters explore the foreign markets and build capacity in the global trade. 

REC offers its services to all the exporters of non-commodities’ products, goods and services with no industry restrictions. REC aims at providing the exporting companies with continuous support from the proposal and planning phase all the way to the successful completion of the export contract and implementation and beyond – including the e-commerce channels.

The information was taken from the website of Russian Export Center 


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