Together we are able to ignite hearts!

Significant joint transportation of Alliance members:

  • Олимпийский огонь2013 - gas equipment from Australia for lighting the fire of the XXVII World Summer Universiade - a joint project of ACEX in Moscow and Kazan;
  • 2014 - equipment for making artificial snow from Bolzano (Italy) for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi - a joint project of ACEX in Moscow and Lesam International Group, ACEX in Italy;
  • Животные для Ямала2016 - microscopes for the most complex brain operations from Europe - a joint project of the ACEX group of European companies; 2016 - humanitarian aid for hospitals in the Yamalo-Nenets region and affected animals of the Tundra - a project of the ACEX group of companies in Moscow;
  • 2017 - intensive care beds for Irkutsk hospitals - a joint project of ACEX in Moscow and ACEX in Irkutsk;
  • Медицина2020 - transportation of X-ray machines for the detection of the COVID-19 virus from Germany - a joint project of ACEX in Moscow and M9 Logistics GmbH, ACEX in Germany;
  • 2020 - equipment for disinfection of streets in the United Arab Emirates during the COVID-19 - a project of PSG, ACEX in Kazan; 2021 - delivery of personal protective equipment from China around the world - a joint project of ACEX in Moscow and Sky Chain Worldwide limited, ACEX in Beijing;
  • 2021 - transportation of the "Sun of Moscow" elements - the largest Ferris wheel in Europe and one of the highest in the world - a joint project of ACEX in Moscow and Tallinn.

СпортInternational sports events have always been designed to unite countries and peoples, where thousands of athletes of different nationalities demonstrate their skills, strength and talent without politics and political views. But what about logistics services?

Without any politics, ACEX Alliance members lit the fire of the XXVII World Summer Universiade. We provided the Winter Olympics in Sochi with snow and transport for the athletes.

For fans from the UAE, more than a ton of national attributes for the World Cup was delivered to Moscow. And the opening ceremony and matches were broadcast around the world, thanks to the domestic division of ACEX, which became the authorized logistics operator of the World Cup.


We are for peace and stability! And it depends on us - logisticians, whether medicines and equipment will reach hospitals, textbooks - schools, whether factories will receive new environmentally friendly components, women - gifts for Women's Day, whether the Olympic flame will burn.

ACEX Alliance thanks colleagues and partners for cooperation during this difficult time!

The mission of logistics is without borders and out of politics!

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