Where to get the inspiration from?

This question is on the mind of many people. It is especially relevant for us in rough periods of life. This is how 2020 year was. According to The Times edition, this particular year is recognized as the worst year for those who live nowadays. Members of the ACEX Alliance told us where they got their energy when a complete chaos was all over the world.


Тимур Абдреимов Timur Abdreimov, Deputy Director for Business Development of Major company, ACEX in Almaty:

“I would like to recommend the proceedings of one of the most famous Russian psychologist, Mikhail Litvak. I enjoy reading his books and listening to audio lectures. He shows a good psychological and philosophical approach to different life situations, an optimistic view of things at what is happening around. He refreshes firm views, offers alternative options. The very thing needed in the moment of truth.

Мария Вашурина Maria Vashurina, Head of the Boxberry Press Service, ACEX in Moscow and Yekaterinburg:

“In my area of activities, I would highlight several specialists. In SMM marketing, I like Dmitry Rumyantsev. I visited many conferences where he spoke. A very smart and intelligent speaker, a practitioner with extensive experience in various social networks. He really gives valuable advice. In the PR direction, I would recommend the Moscow PR School and their founder - Tatyana Yakovleva. They have very helpful courses that cover both the basics and the ins and outs of the job. As a result, you get not just new knowledge, but also a set of ready-made tools for working on a specific project. Just take it and use it. And it really works. "

Анастасия Круглова Anastasia Kruglova, marketing specialist for NAWINIA, ACEX in Moscow and the Far East:

“Our company didn’t have external experts. We were inspired by our leader - Rustam Yuldashev. We worked on self-motivation and team building. Rustam, as an ideological inspirer, set forward the motion vector. During the summer period, we organized sport teambuilding and events, where our team drew together even more".

Екатерина Крепкова Ekaterina Krepkova, Operations Manager AGGL, ACEX in Baku:

“A new hobby has become my source of inspiration. I decided to find a new amusement that would digress and inspire me. It all started with preparation for my wedding last year, when I was looking for jewelry for a very long time, but I could not find the right one. And I tried to make them on my own. So, I found a new activity - I began to make hair ornaments".

Александра Сахипова Alexandra Sakhipova, Chief Operating Officer, CFL, ACEX in Amsterdam:

“During the pandemic, we all needed external resources, my family gave them to me. My husband and I have a family business, and we believe that spouses are the most reliable partners. We always support each other - this is our source of strength and inspiration. That is why we have progressed even more on the planned points in order to orient ourselves in the period of business stagnation and find the right path to our pre-arranged development".


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