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Shopping around the World: Easy and Profitable
You don't need to go far for great shopping, because everything can be found online.
Own Certificate to Each Cargo
To work a bit is not our way of business. Pests can move with grain. Plastic toys can be transported with harmful chemical substances inside.
6 rules for success in transporting non-medical masks from China
Many freight forwarders faced the problem of transporting non-medical masks to Russia from various cities in China.
Trust, but check!
The new scheme of fraud on the Internet
ACEX about marketplaces
Ways for Russian companies to enter foreign markets through marketplaces
Eastern Gate of Export Opportunities
The market of the PRC is becoming one of the main markets for Russian companies participating in foreign trade.
ACEX about Fulfillment
E-Commerce sooner or later faces the problem of having a room for storing goods
About Sea Freight Transport With ACEX
Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo.
Certification Details Of Goods Exported From Russia To China
The market of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for Russia is one of the main markets.
Master class "What forwarders are silent about. Austerity rules for air transportation"
On October 12, Alexandra Chagina, Development Director of ACEX Alliance, held a master class on "What forwarders are silent about.
Much to exhibit
Reveal the exhibition behind the scenes: who, how and what adventures with exhibition cargo transportation
Safe delivery: life hacks or “know your partner”
The companies participating in the international logistics alliance ACEX shared customer service approaches.
Incoterms 2020: update or save
Incoterms 2020: update or save
Less Documents – Less Expenses (Not Only Monetary)
How to reduce your costs by arranging the cargoes with the least number of papers - ACEX experts reveal secrets 100 times drove - 100 times filled the declaration.
Learning How to Read Transport Documents
Documents are part of our life and business process.
Weight in Currency
What is the paid weight and how can be correctly counted the transport cost?
Customs transit. ACEX specialists’ opinion
What, how and who can transport cargo without paying duties
Responsible is the One who Сarries
Who, when and how much will pay for the lost or damaged cargo
Export Customs Clearance Fee is Cancelled since September 4th in Russia
At the beginning of September the Federal Law of the Russian Federation started to be in operation
Be in a trend, be mobile
The modern society cannot be imagined without gadgets and various applications for them. PEPSI is a choice of a new generation, but what will the generation ACEX choose?

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  • Global international agents network all over the world
  • Cooperation with the representatives of the best and most stable experienced foreign companies
  • Regular business meetings and conferences with foreign partners in Russia
  • Unique knowledge and working experience in various countries is obtained directly from freight forwarders Alliance members.
  • Visiting and participating in various alliances and transport associations which have their own transport particularities and consolidation on a regional basis: NAP (AIR ALLIANCE), WFA (EUROPE, USA) CCA, TFS (CHINA), GFFG (GERMANY), CPN (CANADA), NAFL (OAE)
  • Professional team of Alliance founders, real support in collaboration with other members
  • Alliance members marketing support in Russia and Worldwide

ACEX Worldwide Logistics Alliance was established for foreign partners to come to our country.

A single platform for meetings in the market will unite the goals of foreign and Russian partners and give them the opportunity to learn the region specifics at first hand and to search for region partners.

Foreign freight forwarder will have to seek for clients outside his region and business will seek for him, as the best partner providing services in his area.



Your company international development:

  • ACEX will help you to find business partners from 100 most powerful and experienced freight forwarding companies in Russia and all over the world with excellent business and financial background;
  • Obtain knowledge about the peculiarity of local market, customs specifics, geography and different languages of various regions;
  • Have the support of powerful and professional team from different areas, important contacts necessary for developing business all over the world;
  • Regular participation in training programs in the field of Russian freight forwarding and logistics services, business trainings, seminars.


Financial advantages:

  • The rates are provided quickly, at net costs;
  • Direct participation in pricing and determination of the service costs for the Client independently;
  • The method of payment choice with the Alliance partners;
  • Credit terms of payment, possibility of payment delay up to 30-60 days;
  • Clearing system of mutual debts between the Alliance members in Russia, the CIS and foreign partners and networks;
  • Bilateral guarantee of payments. The payment to the foreign partners is guaranteed thanks to the single financial center of ACEX network;
  • ACEX Clearing Center has European jurisdiction and European bank guarantees;
  • Direct responsibility for conducting payments through our own clearing centre registered in Europe;
  • Alliance carefully monitors the paying capacity and reliability of Russian partners;
  • Insurance guarantees. ACEX commercial risks are covered through Lloyd’s Group.


Marketing support:

  • Advertising in mass media (Internet, print press and radio);
  • Internet advertising: SEO, SMM, SMO, promotion in Google, Yandex, Yahoo;
  • Banner and cross-links exchange between Alliance members websites;
  • Creating global logistics Internet portal under one brand;
  • Participation in joint international conferences and exhibitions
  • Conduction of joint meetings and conferences in Russia


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