Trust, but check!

Boxberry, the member of ASEH in Moscow and Yekaterinburg, warns: swindlers began to use the new scheme to deception people who buy goods according to announcements. In risk group all known platforms and also any purchases on social networks.

How it works:

  1. The swindler places the announcement and specifies that he is ready to sell it with delivery of Boxberry.
  2. The buyer chooses goods and ready to buy it. The seller says that he will deliver goods by Boxberry and sending the reference for payment..
  3. Without sending goods, the swindler sends in advance prepared link to the counterfeit website which address is very similar to the address of the official site. After following the link buyer gets on the page where information about goods and it is asked to make payment is specified. The design of the website is copied from the official website Boxberry.
    Attention! Boxberry does not accept payment on the website and does not demand input of details of cash cards if the transaction is issued on personal platforms.
  4. After payment the seller vanishes. Nobody will send a parcel and return the money.

Follow safety rules. Be attentive at execution of transactions on platforms.

Новая схема мошенничества

All sent parcels are displayed in personal account recipient on Boxberry site. The seller claims that he sent a parcel? Check the personal account.

It is also possible to trace a parcel in tracking on the specified number of the consignment note or to call in the round-the-clock contact center of Boxberry by phone number 8-800-222-80-00.

Pay attention to the website where to you suggest to issue something. The real address of the website Boxberry — (or  – only in SMS). Dont follow other links.

If you came across a trick of swindlers, surely contact police.

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