New Year Master Class

In logistics, the pre-New Year period is historically considered a high season.

Everyone is trying to be in time for the chiming clock to bring goods, close their foreign economic contracts, sort out papers and fulfill obligations.

But the pre-holiday season brings its own surprises for the logistics industry.

Как доставить груз, пока часы 12 бьют?

ACEX experts in Moscow shared important tips that both the carrier and the customer should take note:

1) Thatch your roof before the rain begins!

We strongly recommend you to collect and check documents in advance, negotiate the planned volumes, book as far as possible, discuss with colleagues and customers possible problems and options for getting out of the situation.

2) Don't panic, just don't panic!

Customers and employees in the bustle of the New Year become intensely worried. Сompletely senseless panic and anxiety begins for any reason. Therefore, the famous phrase of Carlson from the cartoon is very relevant.

3) Discretion is the better part of valour!

It is better to double-check the documents, information, route routes several times to be absolutely sure that everything will go smoothly.

4) Experience is son of agonizing errors!

The same example when you don't need to order from unknown carriers and forwarders just because they offered cheaper. Employees of companies with a reputation and history that have been on the market for a long time have accumulated their experience in the process of resolving force majeure. Often such employees can predict and circumvent difficulties in advance. Therefore, feel free to read reviews, ask for letters of recommendation from other clients, there must be a website. And everything is more likely to go well.

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