Key event of autumn. Put everything on the table

The vacation time is coming to an end, and you can already plan attending business events. This autumn has already prepared a large list, in which one can single out an event that unites all the key players in the Russian intralogistics market.


To map a route. Target acquired!

On September 22-24, 2021, Moscow will host NETWORK, the largest route development forum in the Eurasian region.


2021 Must to Be a Productive Year

Compared to 2020, which was sparse on offline events, almost all of them were held in the new online mode, this year promises to be full of various events in the world of logistics.


This Productive Autumn

Despite the pandemic of 2020, this autumn is full of different events in the logistics field.


ACEX is Infopartner of MMLF-2020

On February 17-23, ACEX acts as the forum's info partner and invites you to join!


Offer from ACEX

If you have already frozen, this "hot" ACEX promotion is special for you


Welcome to ACEX


Special Offer

In case of air transportation of dangerous goods (export) departing from Domodedovo, registration of Declaration for dangerous goods is free of charge.

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