17:00-20:00 Onboard Conference opening, partners presentations
start: 6 sep 17:00
place of departure / arrival: Helsinki, West Terminal 1
meeting place: Tallink Silja Europe
dinner-banquet on board
20:00-22:00 Dinner Banquet on board
22:00 Rich night program on board
8:00–12:00 Tallinn sight seeing tour
12:00–16:00 Conference on Board
17:00 Finish
place of departure / arrival: Tallinn, Lootsi 13, Terminal D
meeting place: Tallink Silja Europe
8:00-12:00 Tallinn sight seeing
12:00-16:00 conference on the board


Top managers of logistics companies from various cities of Russia, China, Japan, India, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Finland, Singapore, Canada, Nigeria, Lithuania and other countries will be invited to the conference to discuss business projects in the field of international logistics. 


The business program will be devoted to the discussion of practical tasks that have a direct effect on the profits of companies. The first persons of logistics companies from Russia, the Baltic States, China, the USA, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, India and other regions of the world can discuss and begin cooperation on various projects in the Russian market.


Dinner-banquet for the conference participants will take place at Tallink Silla Europe cruise ferry, where representatives of various world transport companies will be able to meet and discuss various joint business opportunities in an informal atmosphere. On September 7, participants arrive in Tallinn, where they can see the main attractions of the Estonian capital.

Immediately thereafter, on board Tallink Silya Europe, a conference business program will take place during 4 hours.

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