How can Alliance help every forwarder in work

Freight forwarders are forced to look for partners in various countries around the world, visiting various forums abroad and engaging in various transport alliances in other countries to be able to offer quality service in international freight to their customers. Each of these alliances are especially strong in the region of its founding - and they give attracting business primarily in these regions. Their objective - to find a business forwarders attending alliance, but not to help them to develop and to attract your own.

Forwarders are regularly confronted with problems and risks in international transportation:

  • necessity to get fast quotes from the transportation cost of a foreign partner
  • there is no guarantee of quality service from a foreign partner
  • lack of understanding of the specifics of the Russian market in the provision of services by the foreign partner
  • insecurity to obtain rates and services from first hand and not from a third conciliator 
  • high rates requesting a service through large international companies
  • the risk of losing the client when he requests service another forwarder in Russia 
  • lack of credit conditions for payment of the freight when ordering through another Russian forwarder
  • inability to obtain credit payment terms from foreign partners when finding them online
  • inability to evaluate the reliability level of a foreign partner alone 
  • clients that have a regular flows of cargoes work for 90% with major network companies, which in turn work through local regional freight forwarders, engaging them only for local service, and with the main income margin on international transportation

Our working principles

  • For conditionally low amount of dues Alliance partner can access a wide range of partners around the world and get the real cost of services for the air transport or sea transport, and can significantly save money and not to pay for mediation.
  • Partners in the alliance have the opportunity to participate in pricing and adjust the price to the customer by yourself.
  • Except for a small membership fee for participation in the alliance partners are able to select the method of payment and settlement with the alliance partners.
  • Partners have the option of paying for the alliance not only a fixed amount of contributions, regardless of the actual amount of teamwork, or pay a percentage of their profits in the case of real work with our alliance partner, defining and regulating its value.
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