Rabbits are not only Valuable Fur

ACEX transported the preparation necessary to determine the level of prothrombin in human blood. The reagent determines blood clotting, thereby helping to detect the formation of dangerous blood clots in blood vessels.

These animals are very important for medical research and have brought considerable benefit to people in the creation of life-important pharmaceuticals.

Transportation of medical reagents and pharmaceutical products always requires special delivery conditions from forwarding companies: compliance with temperature conditions, specialized packaging, and short delivery times.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has made its own adjustments to the transportation of even this cargo.

The drug is "stuck" in Frankfurt Airport of congestion, due to the cancellation of flights to Moscow. This difficult situation was added by the fact that to ensure the safety of the drug, the cargo contained 20 kilograms of dry ice that maintained the temperature regime.

Перевозка с пометкой СРОЧНО
Перевозка с пометкой СРОЧНО

But ice, as we know, tends to melt, so during the "downtime" it was necessary to make quick decisions for timely delivery of cargo.

Together with M9 Logistics, ACEX Alliance member in Germany, the cargo was re-registered on a flight of another airline, and in mid-August it was sent to Moscow with an additional 15 kilograms of dry ice.

Today, the powder is used for its intended purpose –  to help people maintain their health!

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