Eurasia Cargo Meet has Celebrated its First Event in Russia

70 representatives of international transport companies from different countries of the world visited Moscow in April 21 – 23 and conducted face-to-face business meetings in order to discuss prospects of the Russian market, find direct partners, develop new projects and supply chains with Russia during 3 days of the event.  

First Russian Logistics Alliance ACEX (Associated Cargo Experts) and CLN (Combined Logistics Network) became the organizers of the event.

Eurasia Cargo Meet

Cargo Meet summits take place several times a year on different continents - Africa Cargo Meet, Asia Cargo Meet, America Cargo Meet, Latin Cargo Meet, Middle Cargo Meet. This year the summit took place on the Eurasian continent for the first time. Russia was chosen as the first country for meeting of the biggest European companies with the representatives from other countries.

Eurasia Cargo Meet offered its participants to get acquainted with the transport logistics market of Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. The heads of logistics companies from China, Iran, India, UAE, USA, Germany, Colombia, Malaysia, Maldives, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Taiwan, and other countries conducted meetings with the members of ACEX alliance from the key regions of Russia.

The Russian logistics alliance ACEX became the organizer of the event in Moscow within the framework of the annual international logistics conference. The members of the alliance from Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Samara and other regions had possibility to get acquainted with the worldwide logistics market at one place and time.  

The summit attracted interest of the representatives from the Emelyanovo airport in Krasnoyarsk, as well as from Airfrance/KLM airlines, who also participated in face-to-face meetings.  

Eurasia Cargo Meet

    Eurasia Cargo Meet Eurasia Cargo Meet

Each participant had own tasks and objectives, the realization of which has started after participation in the summit.

“We were interesting in Russian partners who can help us to process cargo deliveries by sea,” comments MK AU, the Chief executive for AZUMA SHIPPING SDN BHD, Malaysia, “at present we get inquires for transportation from Malaysia to Russia, we want to establish cooperation on a regular basis, as cooperation between our countries is developing.”  

In spite of the fact that the main volume of transportation of Hankyu Hanshin Express, ACEX Japanese partner, account for China, Oriental countries and the USA, the export to Russia is the main direction of their Moscow office. “We export seeds to Rostov-on-Don, as well as spare parts for vehicles to Moscow and Saint Petersburg,” tells Koji Sugimura, the Head of representative office in Russia, “that is why the meeting with the company from Novorossiysk was of great use for us.”

Eurasia Cargo Meet Eurasia Cargo Meet

Eurasia Cargo Meet Eurasia Cargo Meet

Trade relations between Russia and Vietnam are developing what was confirmed by Tran Huy Hien, the President of DACO Logistics, Vietnam. “Export to Russia is increasing if we talk about such products as mobile phones and spare parts for them, as well as computers,” comments Tran Huy Hien, “as for import to Vietnam, such products as food stuff, milk, equipment and spare parts are imported from Russia.”      

The summit was also visited by the companies which have never worked with the Russian forwarders before and they are interested in the development of the logistics market of Russia. 

Mauricio Merchan, the Commercial director of SERACOMEX LTDA., Mexico, visited Russia for the first time not having experience in organization of transportations with Russia. Nevertheless the meeting was of great use in terms of getting familiar with a new market and presence of Optima Freight, the member of ACEX alliance in Finland.  

Julia Nikiforova, the Business development manager, Optima Freight, tells about her impressions: “We met new agents from Colombia, Iran and Mexico. They were searching for partners from Finland and are ready to cooperate with our company.”  

Alberto de la Luz Hernandez, the Commercial director, Geomarine, Mexico, came to the summit to find new partners. He told that the main partner of Mexico is Germany as the medical and pharmaceutical products are delivered from Germany. That is why the most important meeting for the company was the negotiations with Quick Cargo Service, Germany. The Mexican company was also interested in negotiations with the Russian partners. According to Alberto de la Luz Hernandez,  one of the priority directions of trade with Russia and Mexico is helicopters spare parts import from Russia for the country defense needs.

After abolition of embargo by the USA the Iranian market of logistics services started to develop.  Farzad Saffarzadeh , the president of FARASOOBAR, Iran, comments his presence at the summit: “Owing to the changes in political situation, the market of Iran has started to gain momentum very rapidly. Having advantageous geographical location, Iran is a transit country which permits to decrease delivery terms up to 10 – 11 days. 60-70% of cargo comes to the CIS countries, less than 5% (airfreight and road transportations) account for Russia. Because of sanctions the volume of deliveries of fruit and vegetables from Iran is increasing.”

Eurasia Cargo Meet  Eurasia Cargo Meet Eurasia Cargo Meet

Chinese companies could not but participate in the summit, as the cargo turnover between Russia and China is growing in current economic conditions. Nevertheless, due to the jump in dollar rate the Chinese participants notice volume reduction because of decrease of purchasing power in Russia.   

All participants of the summit register general tendency to the decrease of transportation volumes worldwide because of the economic crisis, however these difficulties make the companies move to new markets of development.

Each participant of the Eurasian summit finds his own interest in the development of the Russian market of foreign transportations and new transport corridors. 

For the companies from the UAE it is growth of external turnover with Russia because of sanctions with other countries. The Chinese companies see interest in export of the Russian goods to China which has greatly increased for the last year. The participants from India are interested in promotion of a new modern IT system on the Russian market which is required in daily work of forwarders and transport companies. The companies from Malaysia and Vietnam expressed desire to enter into the Russian international logistics alliance and provide logistics services for its members in the regions of Russia.   

Eurasia Cargo Meet Eurasia Cargo Meet

Eurasia Cargo Meet 

Eurasia Cargo Meet

The organizers of Eurasia Cargo Meet – Miroslav Zolotarev (ACEX Alliance, Russia) and Сhristian Raeuber (CLN), from the part of foreign participants, - agree that Russia is still a prospect market for international companies.   

The next Eurasian summit will be organized in 2017 during the exhibition Transport Logistics in Munich. Moreover, the organizers can choose one of the Russian cities for Eurasia Cargo Meet 2018 on the threshold of future World Football Championship.   

Eurasia Cargo Meet

Eurasia Cargo Meet

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