Get 100% Air Cargo Reservation

Get 100% booking of air cargo from Harbin airport to Sheremetyevo airport


Travel in Bratislava, Good Idea

Traveling is a frightfully good thing! What do you think about combining business and pleasant pastime? Sure, you will say “yes”!


Put the "rotary-winged horse" on its feet

Which model does come to your mind when you hear "Russian helicopter"?


Business harmony with ACE Finland!

Since May this year, a new branch of ACEX - Associated Cargo Experts Finland has been opened in Vantaa, Finland.


"The Sun of Moscow" rises with ACEX

And at the end of the third quarter of 2021, the construction of the "Sun of Moscow" panoramic wheel, which will become a new capital’s calling card, will be completed. The logistics of the attraction is carried out by ACEX.



The largest logistics exhibition TransRussia-2021, dedicated to transport and logistics services, warehouse equipment and technologies, is taking place in Moscow this week.


The Most Expensive Traffic Jam in History

On Tuesday March 23, shortly after entering the Suez Canal from the Red Sea, the container ship Ever Given ran aground in the narrowest part of the strait, after which a huge traffic jam of cargo ships formed.


Groupage cargo transportation. 2 years later. What has been changed during the pandemic

ACEX is gathering experts in terms of consolidated goods again at the TransRussia-2021 exhibition in order to discuss the current state of Consolidated Transportation.


It’s better to go ... by sea

Air or railway communication is not always the most suitable way for the goods’ carriage, so you should not discount the transportation by sea.


Marketplaces are rapidly winning our hearts

Almost each of us has ever come across shopping on marketplaces.


Deliver at any cost

The Russian oil company Tatneft made an order for the production of coking equipment: 50 meters long and 7 meters in diameter column, weighing 250 tons. And in this order were 4 coke chambers as well. This transportation was carried out by NAWINIA, a member of ACEX alliance in Moscow and the Russian Far East.


Logist's Directory From ACEX

When transporting goods, it is very difficult to deal with all the nuances and details on your own. To help you with all logistic question, the ACEX marketing team has developed a useful book for cargo owners to help them with all logistic questions.


Logistics Dystopia 2020

The 2020 year has become “shaky” for the whole world: it has shaken up our views on life and our ideas about the principles of doing business. Familiar and established logistics schemes and routes of cargo delivery were destroyed thus many areas of business had to be revised.


Smart calculator without cheating

We are pleased to announce the ''birth'' of a new payable weight calculator for air transportation on our website.  Now you don't have to wait with your fingers crossed how "precious" your cargo shipment will be.


Art Must Go On!

Thanks to the ACEX specialists, the cargo successfully passed the customs clearance procedure and was delivered to the buyer.


Happy New Year 2021!

We are all waiting for the holiday, summing up the results of the outgoing year, remembering our achievements, implemented plans and keeping all the joyful moments in our memory.


Delicacies for Turkish connoisseurs

ACEX Group specialists delivered a cargo of 60 kg of sturgeon caviar from Vologda to Singapore.


Building up Logistics Capacity

On December 16, the ACEX Alliance online conference was held. The conference brought together participants from 9 countries and 11 cities around the world.


Everything you Didn't Know about Us

8 companies from Israel, Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Italy, Vietnam and Poland joined the ACEX Alliance.


New Project in ACEX. Welcome!

The New Year is full of traditions – someone burns the wish-list in champagne glass, someone cooks the tones of salad, but the ACEX Drive team follows the tradition to sum up the results of the year.


You Filled a Declaration, We Solve Your Problems

Remote release of goods today is carried out using the electronic Declaration system.


German Cargo for Russian People

ACEХ sends cargo from Germany to Russia at special reduced rates.


Rabbits are not only Valuable Fur

ACEX delivered pharmaceutical products to Moscow in the difficult conditions of the pandemic.


To the Largest Logistics Summit with ACEХ

ACEX Alliance and Container xChange platform invite freight forwarders to the online Digital Container Summit, which will be held on September 3, 2020.


Agreed Rate during Hard Time of Pandemic

Air services were not interrupted even during the pandemic. During this period, airlines do not provide fixed fares, defining them for each departure individually.


Everybody freeze, this is a transportation!

ACEX Group has transported tons of weapons around the world, and this transportation is legal.


The present of Logistics through the Eyes of the Future Generation

They say that a child sees the world in a special way.


From South Korea with Hot Conditions

Russian cargo flows from South Korea have always been quite large.


Customs isn't What it Used to Be

From August 1, 2020, the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 342 comes into force.


Special Cargo for a Special Place

ACEX specialists in Moscow managed to participate in a non-standard architectural project.


ACEX Chose Directions of Zhukovsky Airport

ACEX and the Zhukovsky International Airport signed an agreement on ground handling of cargo arriving and departing from this airport.


Great Opportunities for ACEX Members

ACEХ Alliance became a member of the international online platform Container xChange.


Cooperation with great prospects

On June 23, Miroslav Zolotarev, Board Director of ACEX Alliance, and Alexey Maksimchuk, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the M9 Logistics Family Network and Chairman of M9 Logistics Ltd. (Great Britain) signed a cooperation agreement.


Transportation in "Difficult" Direction

The coronavirus pandemic, as well as the riots in America, not only caused huge damage to the lives of the citizens, but also caused the disruption of international cargo flights.


Why is the Export of Groupage Cargo more Popular than Air Freight?

Today, in logistics, the service for export transportation of groupage cargo by various modes of transport is becoming more popular


Let’s Fly to India

Quarantine measures for air cargo transportation from/to India are becoming more "gentle".


Vietnam – Vorsino – Customs Warehouse

ACEX offers to choose the company’s current offer and order the railway transportation of full containers from Vietnam by accelerated trains through the Vorsino station to temporary customs warehouses and free economic zones in the Russian Federation.


"Chinese" transportation via Vorsino with ACEX

ACEX offers a service for railway transportation of combined and full containers from China by accelerated trains through the Vorsino station to internal SVH and FEZ in the Russian Federation.


ACEX Helps to Identify the Infected with COVID-19

The company is engaged in transportation of x-ray machines and other medical equipment that are necessary to fight the pandemic.


Proton-Electrotex Chooses ACEX

ACEX representatives have been actively involved for 16 years and help resolve emerging logistics challenges.


Alternative to High Rates and Queues

Today, ACEX experts tell about the main changes in logistics and advise the best way of transportation in the global crisis.


ACEX News: Feel the Pulse of the Coronavirus

The situation in the logistics world is not easy, but ACEX continues to work normally, processing customer requests.


Say “Hello” to ACEX New Member CFL Company

CFL is a logistics provider with main focus on export and import, to and from Russia, CIS and Eastern European markets.


New Business Support Measures. Will the Authorities Help Logistics Survive?

Let's ask the first person if there is any support from the state today, and what support measures are needed for business.


No Paper, No Sale

Scrubs, masks, respirators, devices ultrasonography and IVL were sent by representatives of ACEX in the Ural region already to 10 regions of Russia.


Construct the Capitals Together 

ACEX and BAUTRADE jointly construct the capitals


We are treated without VAT

The Government of the Russian Federation consistently leads to simplification of import of medical goods.


Logistics on the Quarantine. ACEX in Fight against the Coronavirus.

An unexpected "gift" for the Chinese New Year in the form of a coronavirus made the whole world nervous.


АСЕХ Men and Women. Battle of “Logistic” Genders

The answer on the question “Who runs the logistics?" would not be affirmative for the large number of men today.


Don't be afraid, we are with you!

ACEX continues to operate in normal mode from March 30 to April 5, 2020.


TransRussia 2020, a Hyve event: ACEX – Partner of Air Session

The 25th international exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies TransRussia will be held On August 25-27, 2020


TransRussia 2020, a Hyve event: ACEX – Partner of the Exhibition "Air Freight"

The 25th international exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies TransRussia will be held On August 25-27, 2020



Nowadays, the coronavirus has already captured 43 119 people. Every day, ACEX partners from China ask for the fastest solution for sending medical masks to China.


Trends in Logictics 2020

Miroslav Zolotarev, ACEX Board Director, told the PRO BUSINESS TV Channel about today’s trends in the development of the cargo transportation industry in Russia.


Documents are Never too Much

Changes in using the shipping documentation for export cargo sending


Work with special freight on to aviainitiative 2020 by ACEX and SPCP

Another meeting of the working group SCM Avia collected 43 not indifferent to aviation logistics of Russia and guests from worldwide.


Royal Cargoes are Trusted to ACEX

The rating of unusual and memorable projects of ACEX in 2019 has been supplemented by another significant transport on a Royal scale.


ACEX at “Dream Island” Project

In 2020, the first in Russia and Europe's largest indoor theme park " Dream Island" will open in Moscow.


“Logistic” Results. What Logisticians Can Thank the Past Year for.

Let us consider in more detail the current state of the multimodal transport market, its trends and prospects.


Alliances of all Countries, Unite!

The launch of Star Cargo Alliance will be held with the ACEX participation


ACEX in New Year's TV Shows on the TV Channel PRO BUSINESS TV

We wish the year 2020 will be successful and productive for everybody!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We wish you to set new goals that you have never reached before and to achieve them in 2020.


«Customers' Interest will Shift towards China»

Alexander Zavalishin, logistics Director of Boxberry International, a member of the ACEX Alliance in Moscow and Yekaterinburg, told the newspaper, why logisticians are against reducing the limit of purchases without duty in foreign online stores.


ACEX is Accredited by REC

ACEX is accredited by REC as a reliable partner in the areas of "Logistics services", "Customs clearance".


Miroslav Zolotarev in the review for Forbes Russia magazine

Miroslav Zolotarev in the review for Forbes Russia magazine "The Failed Сourse: Why Import Substitution did not Realise Expectations".


ACEX Santa Claus is Delivering Gifts!

Before the New year every child and adult dreams of a miracle, makes wishes and waits for gifts.


Welcome to ACEX

Foreign languages are fascinating. Have you ever wondered how to pronounce your name in another language?


Speak Turkish about International Logistics

ACEX participates in LOGITRANS-2019 – the leading exhibition in the logistics and transport field in the Eurasian region.


Miroslav Zolotarev in the program «Technologies for Business»

Watch us on October, 27 and 31 at


About Transport Logistics in the Center of the Capital

The conference "Transport Logistics: Digital Ecosystem of Cargo Transportation" brought together the main representatives of the Russia logistics market in the Sheraton Palace hotel.


100% Knowledge of Fulfillment at CeMAT-2019

On September 24, representatives of companies related to e-Commerce took an active part in the panel session "Open dialogue on fulfillment industry in Russia" in the conference hall №1 "Big arena" of Crocus Expo pavilion.


The 5th ACEX International Logistics Conference was Held on the Baltic Sea Waves

From 6 to 7 September, the wind from the sea blew towards the logistics for the ACEX conference participants.


Delivery from a New Latvian Alliance member!

Latvian courier company Pasta un Kurjeru Serviss (Postal and courier service, PKS) joined to ACEX Alliance in July 2019.


ACEX is the Informational Partner of NETWORK and NETWORK Forum

Two Eurasian forums on the development of passenger and cargo air transportation NETWORK and NETWORK CARGO were held in Krasnoyarsk for the first time.


5th International ACEX Conference

The fifth international ACEX Conference will be held on a unique sea cruise ferry for 24 hours from Helsinki to Tallinn and return Helsinki.


ACEX – is a Partner of the 6th AccEssMeeting EXPORT Workshop: Global GULF Trade

6th  AccEssMeeting EX_IM Workshop: Global GULF Trade – 28th June 2019


Live Report from the Largest International Logistics Exhibition

Right now in the southern capital of Germany, Munich, the international transport exhibition Transport Logistic 2019 starts.


General Assembly Meets Guests for the 80th Time

80th General Assembly was held in Baku from 19 to 22 May.


From St. Petersburg to Macau to the GFFG, CCA conference

The 2nd Joint (14th Annual International GFFG and 18th CCA Conference) welcomed the logisticians from more than 25 countries from 13 to 15 May in Macau.


Logistics without Borders at the third SCM Congress

The logistics world of Russia and abroad met at the Third Congress of Logistics and Supply Chain Companies.


All the Guises of TRANSRUSSIA-2019 and Beyond

The 25th International Exhibition of Transport and Logistics Services and Technologies finished its work last week.


Forewarned is forearmed

Development is the most powerful weapon of any company in tussle over leadership. Especially in transport logistics – the most unpredictable and hardly foreseeable field.


New Export Level

АCEX participated in the conference aiming to help Russian companies to enter new foreign markets.


ACEX Saint-Petersburg is Invited to the 2019 GFFG, CCA Global Conference

Eugene Apasov, CEO of ACEX Saint-Petersburg participates in the 14th Annual GFFG Global Conference  presenting Alliance's opportunities and services.


New Center of Electronic Declaration Opened the Doors

First declaration of goods was issued by Moscow Regional Customs office (The Center of Electronic Declaration) on the 29th of January.


NAWINIA and ACEX - Double Quality Mark

NAVINIA Company has representatives in Russia, Germany, China and fulfills successful projects in all fields of logistics services.


Logistics on the Bosporus shores

ACEX participated in Logitrans 2018 exhibition, presenting the Alliance capabilities to customers and partners.


Gaining Practical Experience at Cargo Terminal

Moscow Cargo meets ACEX Alliance members


ACEX football Team Worthily Represented Alliance at the Logistics Cup

On the 10th of November the Mini-Football Transport Cup was held at the Spartak Academy.


New Development Department Promotes ACEX Representatives

ACEX launches a new department, whose primary task is to find target customers for all members of the Alliance.


ACEX Opens New Office in Lithuania

New representative office in Vilnius started its operations on October 1.


Board Members Discussed the Alliance Development Strategy for the Next Year

The International Logistics ACEX Conference started from the Board Members meeting on September, 14.


The Informal Program of the Conference Was Held "Aloft"

Welcome cocktail party in the top five-star hotel in Sochi, gala dinner in "Height", Arkadiy Novikov’s  seaside restaurant and the excursion to the highland attractions of the Olympic capital are the essential parts of the 4th international Conference of ACEX Alliance.


WORLD LOGISTICS CENTER represents the Alliance in Western Siberia

ACEX new member has representative offices in Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Moscow and specializes in the logistics of temperature cargoes.


ACEX Opens the Doors for Young Professionals

Students choose ACEX not only for their practical training, but for the futher employment.


Airfreight Rates ex China to Russia Stay Low

Special conditions for ACEX Alliance partners. Cargo consolidation.


Birthday of the Company in High Spirits

Team building, logical contest, a gala dinner and a good mood are all that you need for a successful ACEX event


Precious Cargo is under Guard

ACEX professionals organized the delivery of art objects for the Tretyakov gallery


Requirements for Shipping Documents in China

New requirements for the mandatory prior notification for all cargo to / from China came into force on June 1, 2018.


Practical Tasks of Logistics will be discussed at the Conference in Sochi

ACEX conference will be held as a two days closed-door event for the owners of logistics companies at the Radisson Blu Paradise Resort, Sochi, on September 14-16.


The Voronezh Industrial Forum Gathers 6000 Participants

Miroslav Zolotarev, the Board Director of ACEX held a meeting "Automation of logistics: Russia and Europe" as part of the event.


4th ACEX Conference will Take Place in Sochi

Logistic companies from Russia will represent their capacities to the partners all around the world.


Sky Chain Worldwide Limited is a new Alliance Member

The company provides comprehensive services of air and sea freight, customs clearance, insurance and storage.


Congress of Manufactures and Supply Chain Management Professionals

ACEX Alliance took part in one of the most significant events in the transport industry as a partner


ACEX and IALBU Aim at Blockchain Development in Logistics

International Association for Logistics Business "IALBU" and the First Russian Worldwide Logistics Alliance ACEX signed a memorandum on strategic partnership and cooperation.


ACEX Unites the Best in Logistics

The exhibition will take place on 17 – 19, April in Moscow Crocus Expo.


ACEX participates in the Forum dedicated to the Blockchain Technologies

The International Forum on digital logistics and blockchain systems in the network of transport corridors will take place on 15 of March in Moscow.


New View on Trans-Siberian Transportation

The working meeting between the Board Director of the First Russian International Logistic Alliance ACEX Miroslav Zolotarev and the Secretary general of the International Association Coordination Council on the Trans-Siberian Transportations Gennady Bessonov took place on January 25, 2018.


What Freights are Going by Plane

Based on practical experience of managers of the company with the 25 year experience in airfreight.


New ACEX member in Baku

AG Global Logistic has the 15year experience in the international logistics and cooperation with IASA


How to Handle Dangerous Goods Safely and Profitably

ACEX experts created a simple procedure of handling dangerous cargo.


ACEX Develops North – South Transport Corridor with Iran

Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency with headquarters in Tehran  is a new member of the Alliance.


A Warehouse and Logistics Operator from North-Eastern Estonia Joined ACEX

The total area of the warehouse is 22 000 sq.m and it is able to store up to 25 000 pallets.



Starting with January, 1 ACEX is represented in Azerbaijan by an international forwarder and in Estonia by the biggest warehousing operator.


ACEX and Supply Chain Professional Board Announced Cooperation

An agreement of cooperation between the logistic Alliance and the Supply Chain Professional Board was signed in December.


Alliance Expands its Opportunities in Nigeria, USA and Iran

Zenith Carex (Nigeria) and Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency (Iran) joined ACEX Alliance in December.


ACEX Alliance and Supply Chain Professional Board Discussed Blockchain Technologies

A round table related to the new technologies of blockchain actively entering all of the spheres was organized on December, 1 by the head of Supply Chain Professional Board Yrysbek Tashbaev.


Moscow Based Alliance Member Deals with Challenges of Russian Exporters

ACEX representatives were among 2000 attendees of the “Made in Russia” export forum.


Shipco Transport Saint Petersburg Enters ACEX

Shipco Transport offers special rates for LCL deliveries from the port of Saint Petersburg.


ACEX Members Participate in Annual WFA Conference

The annual World Freight Alliance (WFA) conference took place in Saigon on October, 23 – 27.


Future Logistics – Myth or Reality

“Arms race” in the IT market becomes global. Search for innovative ideas and development of new software didn’t leave ACEX aside.


ACEX Represented Russia at the Freight Summit

The Freight Summit that took place in Kuala Lumpur last week attracted more than 350 freight forwarders and global networks.


Boxberry Delivery Service joined ACEX

Boxberry will provide Russian and foreign members with the e-commerce services.


Globus Represents ACEX Alliance in Slovenia

Globus, a freight forwarder from Slovenia, owns a fleet that consists of 100 vehicles, including 90 refrigerator trucks and 40 tautliners.


RusTrans, a New Member of ACEX in Moscow Region

A new alliance member is an expert at railway transportation and has been on the market since 2003.


EISA Shipping Agency Joins ACEX

EISA will represent ACEX in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Leningrad oblast and Krasnodar Krai.


Top Management of the Industrial Companies will Attend Translogistics St. Petersburg Conference 2017

The main purpose of the conference is to establish connections between the representatives of the freight owners, freight forwarding companies and customs clearance operators.


ACEX Invites Members and Partners to the Freight Summit in Kuala Lumpur

TFS is the only event in the freight forwarding industry that allows participants to network with all forwarders from all over the world at one venue.


AIRON Logistics, Turkey Joins ACEX Alliance

AIRON Logistics is an affiliated company of Başak Logistics Group basing in Istanbul.  


ACEX Became Partner of Trans Ural 2017

The leading transport logistic service market players will attend the Trans Ural 2017 exhibition-forum in Yekaterinburg on November 15-17, 2017.


Russia and Canada Become Closer

Russian Logistic Alliance ACEX Signed the Agreement of Cooperation with the Canadian Logistics Network Cargo Partners Network (CPN)


Best Russian Businessmen Gathered at the Congress in Samara

ACEX specialists participated in the congress of the fond “Perspectiva” devoted to development of small and middle business in Russia.


PSG and ACEX at the Top of the Himalayas

Airat Bilalov, the General Director of ACEX Kazan, reached Mera Peak (6470 meters).


3000 Logisticians and Industrialists Attended the X Forum in Voronezh

Representatives of the Alliance became co-organizers and experts of the event.


Memorandum about Transcontinental Logistic Partnership was Signed in Munich

The round-table “International TranslogisticPartnership” took place on May 11 within the framework of the Transport Logistic in Munich.


ACEX Invites to Visit Russian Booth at Transport Logistic in Munich!

The biggest logistics exhibition will be held in Munich on May 9-12.  


Alexandra Chagina Became an Ornament to Chelyabinsk Conference

Alexandra Chagina, the Deputy Director of ACEX, graced the business program at the industrial conference in Chelyabinsk where the logistics experts were only men.    


Acex Becomes the Operator of the Russian and CIS Companies Booth at Transport Logistic Munich 2017

The exhibition has been held since 1978. It is traditionally attended by over 2000 of transport companies, sea terminals, railway operators, airlines, providers of IT services in the logistics industry all over the world.


ACEX will Become Partner of XX Moscow International Logistics Forum

The XX Moscow International Logistics Forum (MMLF) will be held in Moscow on February 13 – 17.


World Freight Alliance and ACEX – 12 Years of Cooperation

The twelfth annual WFA (World Freight Alliance) conference took place in Rome on October 24 – 27, 2016.


Aircargo Forum in Abu Dhabi United International Companies and Freight Forwarders

Aircargo forum of Neutral Air Partners (NAP) network took place in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, in the center of the most dynamically developing Middle East region. 


DACO Logistics, Vietnam Becomes New Member of ACEX Alliance

Following global international tendencies Russian logistics alliance ACEX expands the international trade geography.


ACEX Alliance Becomes Official Partner of “TransBaltic-2016”

The second international exhibition “TransBaltic-2016” will take place in Saint-Petersburg from November 30 till December 2, 2016.


Digital Trans-Eurasian Logistics platform as Locomotive for Economy of EEU countries

On August 10, 2016 the EEC participants discussed electronic transit transport corridors of the Eurasian economic union (EEU)


The International Forum of the Russian Aviation Experts will be Held in Abu Dhabi

The next ATLP forum with participation of top-managers and experts of the Russian airfreight industry will be held in the United Arab Emirates on September 25 - 28, 2016.


ACEX Alliance Participated in the SKYTEAM Anniversary Forum for Aviation Industry Experts

The event was attended by the leading agents and forwarders of Aeroflot.


“NOVOTEC plus” Became a New Partner of ACEX Alliance in the Southern Federal District

“At you choice – the chain of services or the required service!” runs the slogan of “NOVOTEC plus”, a new partner of ACEX Alliance in Novorossiysk.  


Round-Table on Airfreight Logistics Project Creation was Attended by the Top Officials of the Industry

On May 31 the Round-table discussion on the project "Aircargo Translogistics Platform" took place at the CCI RF.  


ACEX Alliance Presented Project of “Single Point of Contact” at Ministry of Economic Development of Russia

The Head of ACEX Alliance participated in the Seminar on realization of a project "Single point of contact" and presented an opinion of the business community  


Black Sea Shipping Service Ltd. Novorossiysk Became a Member of ACEX Alliance

BSSS Ltd., a new member of ACEX Alliance, is specialized in container transportations by sea and represents
the port of Novorossiysk


The Gaidar Forum – Theory and Practical Realization of the Trans-Logistic Platform

Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of ACEX Alliance, participated in the expert discussion in the field of logistics.  


Logistics in Russia. Where to go, swim or fly?

Prospects of transport and logistics industry in Russia through the eyes of ACEX Alliance members.


New ACEX Alliance Member in Taiwan

ASE Air Sea Express Ltd. signed a contract of entering into the Russian Logistics ACEX Alliance.


ACEX and Ural Logistcs Association have Agreed on Cooperation

On October 5, the “Ural Logistics Association” and the first Russian worldwide logistics alliance ACEX signed a mutually beneficial agreement of partnership


The 2d ACEX Conference Gathered Logistics Companies from All Over the World in Saint Petersburg

The event was organized on September 5 by the First Russian worldwide logistics alliance ACEX with the support of the Logistics committee of the CCI of Russia.


The 2nd ACEX International Conference Will Take Place in Saint Petersburg

Russian and international forwarders of the transport companies from all over the world will come in the northern capital of Russia September 5.



Air Charter Service Joined ACEX

The leader of charter air freight and the first Russian worldwide logistics alliance signed an agreement of partnership.


Moscow Cargo and ACEX Start Cooperation

Moscow Cargo terminal and ACEX Worldwide Logistics Alliance have signed the cooperation Agreement.


Free Lines Company Joint ACEX Alliance

Free Lines Company (FLC) with over 10 years’ experience on the market of international logistics becomes a member of ACEX Alliance.


Cooperation between ACEX and RILA is in Progress

Priority for the alliance development at the annual ANO RILA meeting  


ACEX participated in the transport exhibition in Munich

On May 5-8 the international logistics exhibition “Transport Logistic” took place in Munich; it was attended by more than 55000 participants from 124 countries.


Acex Alliance on the Main Transport Exhibition “TransRussia-2015”

The unified international logistics alliance was presented by the Russian and European transport companies on the exhibition “TransRussia-2015”.


Round-table Discussion in the State Duma of Russia

The government of the Russian Federation was advised that in order to be efficient different means of transport should cooperate by means of “one-stop-shop service” and GLONASS.


ACEX is a Member of the Logistics Committee (CCI of Russia)

Miroslav Zolotarev took part in the event and conducted several successful negotiations with industry leaders


ACEX International Logistics Conference Came True

Russian logistics attracts to Moscow more than 60 foreign businessmen from 25 countries


Participation in the “Interlogistika-2014” Conference in Moscow

ACEX Board Director is  participating in the meeting of top managers of logistics industry


The results of Worldwide Cargo Marketing Conference in Hong Kong

The first Russian logistics Alliance ACEX was presented at the Worldwide Cargo Marketing conference in Hong Kong.


Transport mass media gives comments on creation of a logistics alliance ACEX

Head of the Alliance Miroslav Zolotarev told Publishing Company "Gudok" about purposes and structure of the Associated Cargo Experts alliance


Partnerships and alliances are the future of small and medium businesses development

The idea of creating of the logistics companies' Alliance was supported on the International Conference "Trans Russia 2014"


Participation in the II Eurasian Conference «Logistics in Russia: cooperation and technologies of development»

Congress of leading Russian logistics companies with participation of international guests, experts and the Ministry of Transport took place in the Russian Chamber of Commerce.


Foreign forwarders are interested in the Russian Transport Alliance

Representatives of 30 foreign independent companies, members of the international air freight forwarders association, are ready to come to Russia in September to visit the first ACEX Alliance conference


Tanks are not afraid of the cargo

Eduard Kasnapuu provides expert interview with the magazine RZD-partner about transportation in tank containers


ACEX Group Presents the First Russian Worldwide Logistics Alliance

The first Russian International Logistics Alliance ACEX Alliance bringing together freight forwarders worldwide operating in Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries was established in 2013.


Andrey Shvyrev, the Head of ACEX Group Customs Clearance Department Gave the Interview to Kommersant Publishing House.

According to Business Guide double-system chips had a good showing for two years of GLONASS Satellite System functioning (in collaboration with US GPS system).


Airlines company Emirates Airlines has once again highly appreciated cooperation with CARGO EXPRESS

Emirates Airlines expressed gratitude to the Russian branch of ACEX holding as to the leading TOP AGENT

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