Import Of Goods From Unfriendly Countries

Георгий Властопуло The EU continues to impose restrictions on the export of goods to Russia.

In early April, an EU Council regulation was published banning the sale, supply, transfer or export of goods that could help strengthen Russia's industrial potential.

Russia's most important trading partner was the European Union. And even after 5 years, the Russian Federation will not be able to replace the potentially missing $ 280 billion of exports and imports of European goods, says Georgy Vlastopulo, CEO of Optimalog, a partner of ACEX Alliance.

Now there are 3 options for cooperation with unfriendly countries:

  • Indirect and direct re-export,
  • False transit
  • Import through third countries.

But these options will only temporarily help close supply chain gaps.

The introduction of the new Regulation actually means, if not a complete rupture of trade relations between Russia and the European Union, then a state of affairs very close to this.

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