Put the "rotary-winged horse" on its feet

Russia has always been one of the leaders in the field of helicopter construction and still remains one of the leading players in the world’s rotorcraft market.

Which model does come to your mind when you hear "Russian helicopter"?

For the majority of pollees, this is the Mi-8.

The Mi-8 is a multifunctional helicopter, the scope of which is expanding due to constant modernization and the possibility of equipping it with a wide range of additional equipment to perform various tasks. The helicopter can be used in a wide range of conditions and temperatures (from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius), easy to operate and maintain. However, nothing lasts forever, and even such cars are not immune from breakdowns.

МИ 8

This week, ACEX specialists received a request for transportation on the Moscow - Omsk route. It was asked to deliver a cargo of sophisticated equipment for a civilian MI-8 helicopter. The order was for ‘’High Cloud’’, an export company that supplies Russian aviation equipment and spare parts for MI-8 helicopters. A5-Express, a member of the ACEX Alliance in Moscow, agreed to undertake such a difficult transportation.

When everything was ready for shipment: helicopter propellers, radar equipment, fuel parts, and engine parts, it remained to prepare a technical description of the cargo. After all the procedures for preparing for the shipment of the cargo were completed, all the parts were taken to the warehouse in Moscow, and then sent by road to Omsk to the warehouse. A well-functioning logistics and control system ensured that the customers received original helicopter spare parts, components and consumables as soon as possible.

The MI-8 has no analogues in the world among helicopters of its class and over the entire period of its existence, more than 12 thousand aircraft have been produced. Let's hope that such a legendary car will need to be replaced as rarely as possible, and if it does, ACEX will help the ‘’metal bird’’ to hit the skies as soon as possible.


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