"The Sun of Moscow" rises with ACEX

6.PNGMoscow is one of top performers in terms of the number of top tourism anchors. And at the end of the third quarter of 2021, the construction of the "Sun of Moscow" panoramic wheel, which will become a new capital’s calling card, will be completed. The logistics of the attraction is carried out by ACEX.

The "Sun of Moscow", 140 meters high, will become the biggest panoramic wheel in Europe and one of the highest in the world. The closest "chaser" is a competitor from England - London Eye, 135 meters high.

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ACEX is the only logistics provider of this project - the company organizes the delivery of all wheel parts, with a total weight of 1.5 thousand tons.

7.PNGTransportation of the elements for the attraction began in August 2020. Support columns with a total weight of 980 tons were delivered to Estonia in containers and individually - using the Break Bulk method (oversized cargo is transported without using containers). ACEX in Estonia accepted the cargo in the port of Tallinn, after which the components, up to 24 meters long, up to 5.5 meters wide and up to 4 meters high, were transported to Moscow by road on special sliding semitrailers.

The components must be delivered to the construction site only when the construction stages are completed. Due to the limited storage space for all the parts of the construction, only a part of the freight is delivered directly to the VDNH construction site. About 70% of the parts were delivered to the ACEX warehouse in the Moscow region first, from where they are shipped at the request of the installation organization.

5fcfed266a4ac.jpg To transport the entire structure, including about 200 items, ACEX trucks of different capacities were required. The longest parts of the wheel (not counting the columns) are the main spokes - 19 meters long. The heaviest is the main axle - 40 tons weight, the mounting height of which is 80 meters. The process is led by representatives of the German company RCS, which have ,any big projects on the installation of attractions around the world. Including several projects in Russia, in which RCS and ACEX took part at the same time.


ACEX provides logistics services for the Swiss company Intamin AG, which has been designing the most famous amusement parks in the world for 50 years, and now is engaged in the technical implementation of the attraction at VDNH.

Алексей ЛипатовAlexey Lipatov, Head of Multimodal Transportation Department, ACEX Moscow:

I really liked the idea of ​​bringing a new panoramic wheel to Moscow, and even the highest one in Europe, only when the rumors about a possible renewal of the attraction at VDNH just appeared. A lot of efforts have been made to get into this project. We held several preliminary negotiations with the customer, shared our experience and became the main contender capable of providing high-quality service for the delivery of complex cargo. As a result of several tender processes, we became the only logistics operator responsible for international transportation, customs clearance and warehouse handling of all parts and tools for installation. When implementing such projects, it is not enough just to "carry" the cargo; it is important to immerse into the client's business process, delve into the assembly sequence and do your best to help to meet the installation deadlines. I believe that we have succeeded, because by this moment all the columns have already been installed, and the main axle is being installed, on which all the wheel parts will be hung.

3.PNG About the project: The Sun of Moscow is the biggest panoramic wheel in Europe and one of the highest in the world (140 m). The attraction is being built near the southern entrance of VDNH. The panoramic wheel will have thirty closed cabins with a capacity of 15 people. For the most daring visitors, a transparent floor is provided in every sixth booth. The wheel turns a complete circle in 18 minutes and 40 seconds.

Interesting facts:

  • The world's biggest panoramic wheel is located in Las Vegas. His "height" is almost 168 meters. The wheel with 28 booths turns a complete circle in half an hour.
  • A new panoramic wheel in VDNH is being built to replace the old one named “Moscow's 850th Anniversary”, which was dismantled in 2016.
  • In addition to usual options, the "Sun of Moscow" provides additional services. The booth of the attraction can be rented and arranged for a date, a marriage proposal, a wedding ceremony, a photo session or yoga classes.
  • Next to the panoramic wheel a multifunctional center is being built. There will be 7 cinemas, a food platform and restaurants, a children's entertainment center, lounge areas, multi-service spaces and a lot of shops.
Солнце Москвы

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