Where are we flying?

To date, under lockdowns, aviation is the most affected transport industry, although in fact it has been experiencing significant difficulties since the end of 2019.

The crisis of 2022 has affected not only Russia, but the whole world. Russia is the largest country over whose territory Western airlines can no longer fly. Routes from Asia to Europe, from some Asian countries to the USA, with overflights of Russia have increased significantly.

Where are we flying?

CEO of Supercharter Dmitry Nikulin, ACEX partner, spoke about possible solutions at the moment:

“Today there are risks of termination of insurance coverage by Western insurers and technical support by Western manufacturers and service companies. In this case, reinsurance in Russian insurance companies can become a solution to the problem.

In total, in 2022, the Government of the Russian Federation will allocate 311 billion rubles to support airlines and airports (compensation for lost profits, subsidizing domestic transportation, supporting payments under letters of credit).

The government is talking about the return to active operation of Russian aircraft, the resumption of production, the import substitution of the SSJ-100 and MS-21, and the intensification of flights in the Russian cargo fleet. We are looking into new markets for the long haul B-747s that previously flew from Asia to the EU and the US.”

Expert Forecasts: Air Delivery Market

  • The market will fall by only 10%
  • The air transportation market, together with business, is adapting to the East
  • Departure of Russian operators from China-EU-US transit routes - they need new markets
  • Rising prices for air cargo delivery: the transition of "regular" cargo delivered by air from modern B-747s to aging domestic aircraft and specialized aircraft will cause an increase in the cost of transportation.

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