Logistic Coordination Council

Logistic Coordination Council is the leader in the field of design and creation of logistics systems and objects.

The council includes Logistika training center, the Center of innovative technologies in logistics, Project department, working groups related to the spheres and more than 10 regional branches and representatives.

More than 40 experts with more than 10 years of experience of project and operational work.

The Council is one of the few Russian associations that have undergone the procedure of the European validation and also actively participates in projects in Europe. The procedure of validation is an indicator of its compliance to the requirements of the EU to the processes and products in the field of design of logistics systems and objects.

Since 1997 the specialists of the Council have executed more than 80 projects related to creation, optimization and reconstruction of warehouses, logistic and distribution centers and more than 120 projects related to optimization of logistics systems and productions.

Special attention is paid to post-design support of the customers; all design decisions are led up to the highly effective realization. More than 50% of the executed projects are executed for the customers who have addressed to the Council according to the recommendation of partners.

With the participation of the Council modern Scientific and educational center of innovative technologies in logistics was created. There are 5 laboratories on the area of 1500 sq.m. that cover all spheres of logistics, including opportunities for modeling and design of logistic objects with use of the best solutions, introduction and the analysis of technologies of storage and cargo processing (radio-shuttles, mini-load system are created; vertical lift; conveyor and shipping systems, RFID, PbV).

The Council is the only organization in Russia that uses SAP LogicStore as instrument of verification and analysis of commodity streams .It allows to check the correctness of accounting of commodity streams at the enterprise, reveal mistakes in the basic data and to develop the technology that is completely corresponds to the customer's tasks.

Within 20 years the Council organizes the largest event in Russia uniting professionals of logistic at the Moscow International Logistic Forum.

The training center of the Council carries out highly effective programs of training in logistics: starting with seminars and trainings to the MBA programs and postgraduate degrees. 

The Council has been the organizer of the Moscow International Logistic Forum for 19 years.

The forum has become a place for traditional annual meetings of professionals in the field of logistics, supply chain management, procurement, transportation, customs, insurance, warehousing, distribution, information technologies and also owners and top managers of the companies. The last achievements of logistic business, modern solutions in the field of logistics and supply chain management are discussed at the event.

Excursions to Largest Logistics Properties will be Held within Framework of MMLF-2017

ACEX alliance acts as the information partner of MMLF- 2017. The excursion to the federal distribution center Sofyino of retail store "Perekrestok" X5 Retail Group will be organized on February 17 during the forum.

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