Global networks

CPN is a not for profit network owned by the members and established in 1996

The vision of CPN is to be a world-wide network of premier freight forwarding  and logistics  providers,  chosen  for  their  track record of professionalism, credit-worthiness, and customer satisfaction.

Local companies provide on-the-ground know-how; coupled with proven depth and flexibility of their international partners assuring their customers the best service available, anywhere in the world.

CPN mission is to go the extra mile to assure partners and customers the best  possible  service of  today  with  an  eye toward how best to serve tomorrow's needs.

To remain vigilant on the application of the rigorous standards we insist. To foster a culture of transparency between partners and the customers,  so the trust is solidified. To consistently strive to improve the services, so that the customers enjoy ever greater flexibility and cost-efficiency.

CPN three elements to success

  1. Competitive Strategy
    Focus efforts on business processes that increase value and customer satisfaction
  2. Business Processes
    Achieve superior performance in priority business processes
  3. People
    Achieve sustained and continuous improvement through  people


Download CPN presentation: here.

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CPN Annual Conference will Take Place in Colombo, Sri Lanka

CPN partner network invites ACEX members and partners to the 22nd Annual Conference.


Russia and Canada Become Closer

Russian Logistic Alliance ACEX Signed the Agreement of Cooperation with the Canadian Logistics Network Cargo Partners Network (CPN)

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