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NAFL stands for the National Association of Freight and Logistics. It was previously named NCFF - or National Committee of Freight Forwarders. The NAFL was the Arabian Gulf's first national freight forwarders association.

Founded in February 1992 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, NAFL was formed primarily to bring together in one body all the major players in the UAE freight forwarding, logistics and shipping industry.

The NAFL strives to live by its vision statement and corporate slogan by advocating the following business goals that are embodied in the initials of the organization.

N - Nurture and protect the interests of the committee members, which will ultimately ensure a harmonious relationship among each other.

A - Advise the government on steps needed to develop the industry, and participate - when invited – in the preparation of rules, regulations and laws in co-operation with the concerned authorities, and offer suggestions on methods for their implementation.

F - Facilitate programs and activities that will support local and international government initiatives and policies, relating to the regulation and development of the freight forwarding industry and its related trades.

L - Lead the freight forwarding and logistics community in raising the industry performance standards within the region; as well as worldwide.

Broadly, its main goal is to ensure the UAE's leading position and Dubai's pre-eminence in the international freight and transportation fields. NAFL is a member of FIATA.

Providing training in the industry has always been an important part of the NAFL’s operations. It has established a training facility within its headquarters, where people can study the globally recognized FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding.

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