Global networks

Multinational Forwarders Alliance (MFA) powered by MF Network Corporation (MFNC) a globally recognised consortium for international freight forwarders to provide a sense of security, guarantee, motivation, trust and reliability to expand their freight forwarding businesses across the world.

Multinational Forwarders Alliance (MFA) established as a non profit association by a team of professionals who have been in the shipping & freight industries for the past 20 years and dedicated to serve the needs of the members.

MFA formed 100 percent neutral, thus this association will not be influenced by single member but it is geared towards as a benefit for the whole group of team members with no conflict of interest since MFA does not operate into any freight businesses.

By joining as a member it's the collective responsibility to ensure fruitful and long term business relationships between members.

By maintaining regional co-coordinators in Far East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Mediterranean and USA MFA ensures world class support services to its valuable members.

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