Global networks

WIRTSCHAFTSCLUB RUSSLAND is a business club, which started with the goal of supporting the encounter and exchange of German-speaking leaders, who live and work in Russia. Since the office opened up its doors in Düsseldorf and connections to Business Clubs in Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, there has been more and more emphasis on bilateral relationships between Russian and German-speaking leaders and companies. The Business Club Germany-Russia is not only supporting its member’s common interest of Business, but also encouraging their social and cultural lives together. Thus the Club is not in competition with AHK or other organisations but instead welcome every kind of cooperation, which many of its partner organisations are already proofing. The Club is the  chair of the conference of German Business Clubs in east Europe where it can establish multifarious contacts.  Besides managing contacts between the Business Clubs, WIRTSCHAFTSCLUB also strives to be a medium between German companies and Russian figures and representatives from politics, economy and organisations either non-profit or otherwise. Additionally, they support Russians and Russian speaking companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The main goal is to provide a network for members, which opens opportunities on both sides and that leads in the long-term to trustworthy and successful business ties. The Business Club Germany-Russia was founded January 2010 and in 2011 was changed to a registered private organisation with its headquarters located in Berlin: Wirtschaftsclub-Russland e.V. (WCR e.V.).

The fundamental principles talk volumes:

  • Voluntary membership of legal and private persons
  • e.V. Registered organisation according to German law
  • No for-profit or commercial interests
  • Political independence
  • Transparency and free from discrimination
  • Integration-function for all German speaking organisations, clubs, companies and private persons in Russia – thereby also Russian, English and generally multilingual
  • By members for members – contact on a private level
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