PKS + POST11 = Successful Cooperation

PKS concludes an agreement with the Estonian company Post11


ACEX Finland welcomes to the 16th WFA Annual General Meeting 2019!

The forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be hold in Budapest from 21st to 24th of October.


AEC in the Alliance. Yes!

St. Petersburg forwarding company Auto Express Corporation joined the ACEX Alliance in the new logistics season.


Interview with Rustam Yuldashev, NAWINIA Logistics Family

Rustam Yuldashev: "I'm in the optimistic team"


Latvian letters delivery from a new Alliance member!

Latvian courier company Pasta un Kurjeru Serviss (Postal and courier service, PKS) joined to ACEX Alliance in July 2019.


ATС Starts Up a New Delivery Channel of AliExpress Goods

The group of ATC companies, ACEX member in Shanghai in concert with Cainiao Smart Logistics Network and X5 Omni start up a new Delivery Service of Goods from the Aliexpress to the Russian recipients.


ATC from the Word Authority

Aliexpress's leading partner became a part of ACEX in Russia


ACEX LT Breaks Standarts

ACEX LT has special conditions for its customers.


ACEX Saint-Petersburg is Invited to the 2019 GFFG, CCA Global Conference

Eugene Apasov, CEO of ACEX Saint-Petersburg participates in the 14th Annual GFFG Global Conference presenting Alliance's opportunities and services.


Delivery from Shanghai to Moscow in 22 days from Free Lines Company

Experts of Free Lines Company choose the unique condition “price - quality” of delivery by truck in the route Shanghai - Moscow.

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