Optima Freight Received AEO Status

There are only 76 companies in Finland which have status of the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) status and now  Optima Freight Oy, as a founding member of ACEX Alliance, is among them.

Full list of all Finnish AEO companies can be found here.

On June 22, 2015 Optima Freight Oy received the AEO which entitles to use privileges within the territory of the EU.

According to the article 14b of the EU Customs code (CCIP) the AEO certificate simplifies customs procedure or gives the right for guarding and safety assistance. Moreover, the AEOs are provided with a range of privileges such as significantly simplified customs control with less number of inspections and paperwork, as well as simplified customs procedures, safety and security benefits.

Nikita Kovalevski.jpg"The AEO certificate is the certificate of “trust” and our business transparency,” comments Nikita Kovalevski, the Head of Optima Freight. “One of the most important tasks while international transportations is to describe all actions from A to Z to customs authorities:

how does the client come to us?

who is our client? What companies are these?

how do we inspect our partners? Do we trust them?

how do we arrange our work? Does all the staff know what they do? Can the employees adequately react in difficult situations?

what is the level of our protection against external risks: breaking into the warehouse or server, blackmail, etc?

For “safety and reliability” status obtaining we had to provide the customs authorities in Finland with thorough description of the whole process of our work, instructions for each procedure at the warehouse, job functions of each employee (what a person does when he comes at work and everything in details till the end of working day). All of these instructions and working procedure descriptions are not only for authorities. By knowing our own process and work, we can see our risks and can avoid them in advance by monitoring our processes, - comments N.Kovalevski.

Having this status Optima Freight will have less control from customs authorities, priority for customs inspections and possibility to undergo it in a certain place.

The WCO (World Customs Organization) defines introduction of safety standards as a very important step, as mutual recognition of AEO status cannot be implemented without common base recognized worldwide. In order to avoid undesirable doubling of legislative standards for international and European certificates for sea, air and road transportations, the EU authorities provided maximum compatibility of legislative acts, and accordingly, creation of all required conditions for mutual recognition of AEO certificate.

An identical certification is used in the USA. Once the mutual recognition of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program in the USA and the AEO program of the EU was decided, the companies holding this status have analogous legal regulation and customs benefits both in Europe and in the continent of North America. From May, 2012, through a decision of the Joint Customs Cooperation Committee, both of the statuses have been united and the AEOs have got the “trust regime” while risk assessment realized by both the American and the European customs authorities.

Reference information:

cropped-optima_logo.pngIn the EU the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) programme was introduces from January 1, 2010 according to directions of the European committee: №№648/2005, 1875/2006, 1192/2008 and 197/2010. The EAO certificates for "Streamlining of customs procedures" can be issued for the economic operator established in the territory of the EU, fulfilling the requirements of the customs legislation, appropriate standards of accounting, providing that this economic operator is solvent.

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