Marimekko wins Dubai citizens' hearts

макиMarimekko is one of the most famous Finnish brands in the world. The company designs and produces clothes, textiles, accessories, kitchen utensils, office supplies as well as dishes with brightly coloured contemporary design.

The original print Unikko (translated from Finnish “poppy flower”) is considered the face of the brand having appeared on Dolce&Gabanna dresses, Converse footwear, IKEA furniture, Nissan cars and Oscar de la Renta collections. The print is very popular in Japan and the Japanese tourists travelling to Finland can’t help entering Marimekko shop.

макиOptima Freight has regular, one time per two months, deliveries of 2 pallets weighing 290-390 kilos of Marimekko products to Dubai. The company specialists export cloth, bags and tablecloths.

“The terms of delivery are always FCA for this cargo, - comments Alina Keskiroukanen, Optima Freight sales manager. – We prepare export declaration and organize the airfreight delivery to Dubai airport where the consignee receives the cargo."

Finnish carriers deliver a valuable cargo carefully, keeping national traditions of the brand the dresses of which Jacqueline Kennedy was wearing at official events and its artists’ design was transferred to Manolo Blahnik footwear collections.

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