Crane Tower that Weighs 100 t and 50 m High was packaged as General Cargo

SLS Agency, ACEX member in Saint Petersburg received a request for transportation of the crane from the partner in France, the Clasquin company, in November 2016. Within the current year the customer not once confirmed rates and carried out internal coordination before the start of the project.

Evgeny ApasovACEX Alliance member was responsible for loading of the cargo into containers and its sea freight. Before the loading upon arrival to the partner's terminal the scheme of loading was developed.

«"During the transportation we have discussed the necessity of the analysis of the planned scheme of loading with the customer in advance,” - the CEO of the SLS Agency Evgeny Apasov tells. “Having received all the detailed information about the crane, the terminal made a decision to develop a new scheme and deliver the missing parts of the crane to the terminal. All in all the loading took 9 days”.

Crane Tower
Crane Tower

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