New Year with New Customs Rules

A new order issued by the Federal Customs Service in November came into force on December 7, 2017. The order is related to the use of data required for the release of goods as passenger customs declarations.

An introduction has a direct impact on Boxberry, ACEX member that represents e-commerce in the Alliance.

Marat Artuganov“We received a notification about a new requirement from the Federal Customs Service on 30th of November,” Marat Artuganov, CEO of Boxberry International says, “Boxberry had to mobilize all of its resources to get ready for the new scheme in a week. We understand that during a holiday season even the smallest delays are unacceptable. That is why we quickly made changes in the users’ personal accounts at the Boxberry web-site, informed the customers that they are required to update their data. Some of the customers responded rather negatively and refused to present additional personal data. But the things is that it is impossible to proceed the deliveries without that data. It may result in the delays and even re-export in some cases.”

New rules became an unpleasant surprise for the customers who are very conscious about their personal data and online stores. Storage of taxpayer identification numbers requires serious and quick adaptations in the IT systems and it is not an easy task for some of the online stores. It will be an obstacle for entrance of the Russian market for them.

 “The aim of the taxpayer identification numbers’ collection is quite understandable. It will allow the government to control purchases in the online stores. And the approval of the stated price by means of hyperlinks is rather disputable requirement. The prices may change very quickly. The goods might be purchased at the sale and in an hour the price could change. To trace the price with screenshots is not a way out as well since it requires manual work and the online stores won’t do it. And it is impossible to transfer all of the screenshots automatically,” Marat Artuganov thinks. 

The introduction is developed for tightening of the control taxpaying and monetary flow of each taxpayer. It will also become an instrument for suppression of the commercial goods under the image of personal use commodities performed by dishonest individuals.

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