Delivery from Shanghai to Moscow in 22 days from Free Lines Company

Experts of Free Lines Company choose the unique condition “price - quality” of delivery by truck in the route Shanghai - Moscow.

Within the conditions of delivery Shanghai-Moscow we can:

  • Pick up your cargo at any point in China, with the exception of Taiwan and Hong-Kong territory;
  • Or you can deliver your cargo to our warehouse in Shanghai by yourself – daily collection of cargo is provided;
  • The truck leaves the consolidation warehouse every Thursday, each week;
  • The time of delivery from consolidation warehouse in China to distribution center in Moscow region is 22-23 working days.

Documentation support:

  • We check the set of commercial documentation;
  • Help with issuing export documents for your cargo in China;
  • Execute online registration of cargo in Russian Federation.

Safety guaranty:

  • We use trucks with all-metal cab for cargo safety during the transportation at the territory of Russia;
  • The required stops are made only at transport company place;
  • We use the road equipped with technical support points of transport company. Thus any breakdown can be removed easily. We guarantee the terms and quality;
  • The truck with your cargo arrives at the distribution center in Moscow region.


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