Alliance Logistics Dynasties

One of the main values of the organization is teamwork. And the best team is the family. Employees of ACEX Group companies prove it by working with their households in one company.

Kamran Aleskerov, General Manager of AGGL, ACEX member in Azerbaijan:

Камран АлескеровAs the 4th year student my daughter chose our company as a place of applied practical work. At home there were regular conversations that one of my children should continue my business. Of course, it pushed her to this choose.
After 6-7 months of training in AGGL, she came back to study in Switzerland. And she promised me to come back and work with me in a year or two.

Working together with a family member is the most successful option for a Manager. You can teach him everything that you know, certain practices that you will not always share with an ordinary business partner.  And, of course, you can trust him 100%.

In fact, there were many cases when employees left the company. They neglected that the Manager trusted and helped them. Besides, they took clients for their new business. Based on this, the best insurance is a contribution to your children.

In my understanding, the company's management can be divided into 2 parts – administrative and operational. For example, I see my daughter as a Manager who can manage the administrative part of the company (management, tax obligations, interaction with government agencies and clients).

In addition, it would be ideal for me if in the future my younger daughter would also have an interest in logistics. And this tandem of daughters would make me a happier and more successful father and leader.

Мария МосквичеваMaria Moskvicheva, Head of ACEX office in Rostov-on-Don:

My opinion is that it is a rare success when both husband and wife work in logistics. It gives an understanding of each other, understanding that the freight-forwarder really operates 24/7.

There are no resentments and doubts. It is such work. With Lev (Maria's husband) we have been working as business partners since the end of 2006, and 7 years ago we decided to be together. We work in different companies, but logistics still unites us.

I sincerely believe that the couple of two freight-forwarders is a good thing.

Yevgeny Apasov, Head of ACEX office in Saint Petersburg

Евгений Апасов My daughter Daria started to be interested in logistics while studying at the University. She had applied practical work at the company I managed. After graduating from the University, she started working in the Marketing Department of our organization and then in the International Freight Department.

After I made my mind to leave the company, she supported me. Together we created and developed our own company "SLS Agency".

Our interaction is based on self-evident (for us) things: the same goal, the same understanding of the business and its mission, 100% trust.

Also, due to the age difference, we are able to apply in business both the classic tools of international free-forwarding (which I learned from my teachers 20-25 years ago), and all modern communication tools, which the "new generation" understands much better.

Elena Boyko, Head of Boxberry division, ACEX member in Novorossiysk

Елена БойкоIn 2008, I have joined Boxberry as Coordinator of the Shipping Department. Today I am the Head of the Boxberry division in Novorossiysk.

My husband Alexander supported me from the very beginning of my career and helped me work on cargo delivery. Over time, we jointly decided that it was time for my husband to make a choice of work in Boxberry, and he changed the company. Now he helps me not only in delivery, but also in the development of the branch: search for new branches, mentor support of order pick-up points, and other important issues.

But this is not the whole logistics dynasty. Our daughter, Daria, works in the company! Not full-time yet, but only part-time job during the summer season. In summer, she is a terminal operator in our company, and in the other seasons, she is a College student.

There are always a lot of advantages in such family work: common topics for conversation, support and mutual assistance. We often solve work issues at home drinking a cup of tea and make joint decisions.

We are family! For us, this is when work and personal life are inextricably linked. And that's great.

Tatyana Khamanskaya, Head of Boxberry division, ACEX member in Nizhny Tagil

Татьяна Хаманская Fifteen years ago, I saw an ad that the Ural-Press group of companies (which includes the Boxberry delivery service) needed a Branch Manager in Nizhny Tagil. The direction in the city at that time was completely new. I started from scratch: my colleagues and my family helped me.

Immediately after me, my younger daughter joined the company as a part-time job after leaving school. As a result, she got a job as a Sorter in the Delivery Department. After graduation, she became the head of the Delivery Department and the Subscription Department.

Then my husband came to the company and got a job as a courier. He supported me in everything from the first day! He was my wheels, eyes and ears: he drove me to all my meetings, helped me install equipment, and search for an office.

After my husband our middle son began working in Boxberry, also as a courier. Today he has the largest and busiest route: he travels 300-500 kilometers a day. He delivers both subscription goods and orders to pick-up points.

We have everything in the process of work: communication and emotions. Sometimes we discuss working moments at home and look at everything afresh. Working together is even better! No competition, just mutual assistance.

Even our granddaughter Dasha came to help us. She will soon be 16 and can already take a part-time job, such as filling documents. We can say that a new generation of logisticians is growing up!

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