How I met COVID-19?

Spring 2020 will be remembered for warm evenings, blooming lilac and first birds’ singing ... and all these are outside the window of our house or apartment. 2.5 months of lockdown changed our lives, our plans, and even our social networks. We will find out how the Alliance members remembered the quarantine by looking into their lives through the smartphone screen.

Андрей Баранов

Andrew Baranov, Marketing Manager of Fans Trans, ACEX member in China:

«You mean, you have a lack of masks?»

Илья Динабургский

Ilya Dinaburgsky, Head of IT Department, ACEX Moscow:

«In quarantine, the winner is one who sits higher and loudly shouts».

For other interesting photos of Alliance members see the full version of the ACEXPress article.

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