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The ATC group of companies, which joined the ACEX Alliance this year, in May, has its offices in Russia, China, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, Taiwan and Japan.

ATC has been organizing air cargo from China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asian countries for more than 20 years. It is the main activity of the company. The organization cooperates with all cargo and passenger airlines operating flights to Russia and the CIS countries. ATC offices are located in the largest airports. It allows employees to perform independently terminal processing, to have constant direct access to the cargo being transported and respond promptly to customer requests.

Over the 20 years of our activity in the region, we have established close partnerships with a number of major international airlines. It allows us to offer our clients air transportation in hundreds of destinations. Moreover, constant access to cargo tanks on passenger and cargo flights provides a stable and predictable service for the delivery of air cargo on the busiest routes.

ATC specialists have an extensive experience in organizing air transportation of both general cargo and cargo which requires special handling and transportation conditions like perishable, dangerous, valuable and oversized types.

The branch chain of ATC in the region covers China (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou), Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea and Japan. Being a part of the largest aviation transport hubs, the company provides the full range of services related to air transportation:

  • picking up cargo from senders
  • terminal services
  • customs clearance of export
  • certification
  • packaging

In addition, ATC carries out cargo transportation by other modes of transport. The choice depends on customer requirements about the cost and terms of transportation. At the same time, the priorities of the organization always remain unchanged: the safety of goods, the quality of service and the fulfillment of their obligations.


X-Ray equipment in an ATC warehouse in Hong Kong

Since 26th march ATC company is a member of ACEX in China. They are accepting and processing goods on the new warehouse in Hong Kong, which is located on ATL logistics center terminal.


ATС Starts Up a New Delivery Channel of AliExpress Goods

The group of ATC companies, ACEX member in Shanghai in concert with Cainiao Smart Logistics Network and X5 Omni start up a new Delivery Service of Goods from the Aliexpress to the Russian recipients.


ATC from the Word Authority

Aliexpress's leading partner became a part of ACEX in Russia

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China, Beijing, W611-612, ACLP International Building, No. 566 Shunping Road, Shunyi District, Beijing, Beijing, China, 101300
Телефон: +86 10 64584715, +86 10 64582414
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China, Guangzhou, Room 1707, Peace World Plaza, 362-366 Huanshi Road East, Guangzhou, China
Телефон: +86 20 83752975, +86 20 83752985

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China, Shanghai, Level 2, 1100 Qihang street, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, China
Tel.:+86 21 68330230

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Thailand, Bangkok, Office 301, 3/F, 2 Soi Romklao 38, Romklao Road, Klongsampravej, Ladkrabang, Bangkok, 10520

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South Korea, Seoul, 4-ho, 30th floor, B-dong, 323, Incheon Towerdae-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon (Songdo-dong, Cent Road)
Tel.:+82 70 7491 8880

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Air charter services

Чартерные перевозкиATC Group of Companies has gained rich experience in organizing charter cargo flights in China, Hong Kong and Russia.

The list of ATC partners includes airlines which has got various cargo aircrafts, ranging from cargo modifications TU-204 and ending with Boeing B747F. It allows to choose optimal boards to meet client’s needs.

ATC specialists know the specifics of working with various types of cargoes. They provide export clearance, ground handling of aircrafts, as well as cargo handling, passing of aviation security and building air pallets. In addition, ATC staff includes specialists certified in the aircraft centering.

Transportation of cargoes from China

Сборные грузыATC offers the best solution for the delivery of grouped goods from China to Russia:

  • consolidation in warehouses in Shanghai and Guangzhou
  • weekly shipments from Shanghai and Shenzhen by sea to Vladivostok
  • customs clearance in Vladivostok, if necessary
  • daily railway shipments to Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk
  • Online tracking of shipments
  • FOB Shanghai-Moscow 28 days.

Warehouse services

Складские услуги ATC has its warehouses in Hong Kong and mainland China and provides a wide range of warehouse services, which include standard types:

  • cargo acceptance
  • handling of goods, checking the safety of packaging
  • weighing, parameters measuring
  • temporary storage of cargo for subsequent shipment by any means of transport
    as well as more specific ones:

  • consolidation of cargo from several suppliers into one air waybill or bill of lading
  • selection and sorting of necessary boxes, photographing
  • marking of cargo according to customer instructions
  • standard packaging: cardboard boxes, transparent or opaque polyethylene, adhesive tape, plastic ties
  • packing of valuable goods: metal mesh, opaque polyethylene, plastic ties
  • any types of additional and specific packaging
  • palletizing
  • inventory

The ATC warehouse in Hong Kong is located in the ATL Logistics Center — one of the world's largest developed logistics centers. The location of the warehouse is very convenient — right in the center of the Kwai Chung container terminal. It is close to the commercial center of Hong Kong, the airport and the border with China. Also there is round the clock video surveillance on the territory of warehouse.

Storage capacity of ATC in mainland China includes warehouses in the main air transport hubs of China - Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Warehouses in Beijing and Shanghai are located in close proximity to Shoudu and Pudong airports. It ensures the most expeditious processing and preparation of goods for dispatch. The warehouse in Guangzhou is located in a large warehouse complex close to the main wholesale markets of the city.

Services for cross-border e-commerce shipments

Интернет-торговляATС Group of Companies is a logistics partner of Russian Post, as well as the largest trading platforms in China - AliExpress, Pandao and others.

Over the years of work in the b2c segment, the company has developed an extensive expertise. Now it provides services for parcels transportation from China, the export registration of parcels according to the registry and organization of the first mile. Self-developed IT solutions allow you to track the package all the way, transfer statuses and integrate with API partners.

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