Andrey Andreev, Commercial Director of LANKS, Became Expert for “Reis”

Андрей Андреев

"Reis" magazine at a highly professional level examines questions on selection of vehicles,  rolling stock, maintenance and repairing of equipment, selection of spare parts, tires, formalization of leasing and credit, gives recommendations on new regulating documents, standards and rules on exploitation of commercial vehicles.

Which vehicles do the big moto transport enterprises use? What are peculiarities of vehicle exploitation and auto park renewal? Answers to these and other questions were given by the editors of the magazine and representatives of forwarding companies.

Andrey Andreev, the Commercial Director of LANKS (ACEX member in Voronezh), participated in the May issue of “Reis” magazine.

  1. The company auto park consists of the following vehicles: GAZel trucks, FIAT trucks, 30 Ford vehicles (1,5 tons for domestic deliveries), 7 Hyundai trucks (3,5 tons), as well as 5 KAMAZ and MAZ trucks (10 and 20 tons). All vehicles have thermos cabins.

  2. Average age of each vehicle – 4-5 years.

  3. Average running of vehicles – 500000 km.

  4. Concerning period of the vehicle exploitation before its writing off/sale, here are several solutions. We can change details and spare parts and prolong working period. However in the recent time we have been using Trade-in services.

  5. This year we plan to renew auto park for 5-10%.

  6. We plan to purchase vehicles assembled in Russia.  

  7. Most likely, our company will use leasing programs for the vehicle purchase.

Read full version in the May issue of “Reis” magazine and on the website.

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