Blockchain in the Logistics Journal

An inseparable part of our life is trust.  If  we read reviews about the company or employer, pay by credit card   on the Internet or follow the doctor’s advice the trust is necessary. Our trust is reduced every year. Less trust we have in the government, the business partner, the candidate for a vacancy, which brought the diploma of a well-known university, to the media with fake news more difficulty arise.

The blockchain technology is designed to simplify everything.  Trust becomes the main factor in the world of “new breakthrough technology”. And the question is: does the Blockchain and information about it deserve trust? How many people understand what the Blockchain is?

Miroslav Zolotarev, the Board Director of ACEX, answered these questions in the April journal "Logistics", where he told about the place of blockchain technologies in logistics, their types, principles of functioning and properties.

So, do you need blockchain in logistics? The answer to this question can be found on the pages of the April issue of the journal.

Блокчейн в логистике

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