ACEX Experts Comments in the «Morskoy Flot» Magazine

ACEX Experts Comments in the «Morskoy Flot» Magazine

Global container operators refused to ship cargo of the Russian companies and individuals who are under the USA sanctions this year. Companies such as Rusal, and GAZ Group were influenced by these sanctions.

According to the experts, it is possible to ship this cargo with the help of Asian sea lines. In the opinion of Sergey Gulyaev, the director of NOVOTEC PLUS (member of ACEX in Novorossiysk) in case Maersk and MSC refuse to handle goods, Eastern companies will help. For example, China Shipping takes up sanction goods. "

Denis Bobrakov, the head of ACEX in Novorossiysk supports his opinion. He also considers that the Maersk and MSC decisions will not have a significant impact on the maritime market of Russian cargo. Asian lines (COSCO, Yang Ming), which are developing quickly enough, can replace them.

Read about the market share occupied by MAERSK in Russia and alternative transport solutions in the full version of the article "Seafreight Came under Sanctions" in the "Morskoy Flot" magazine.

ACEX Experts Comments in the «Morskoy Flot» MagazineACEX Experts Comments in the «Morskoy Flot» Magazine

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