Multimodal results of ACEX in Jura More Sea

Мультимодальные итоги АСЕХ в Jura More Sea Transportations by the railway, marine and motor transport are the popular logistic block in world goods turnover. 98% of transportations fall to the share of the multimodal sector of the planet today. Let's consider in more detail current market condition of multimodal transportations, its trends and prospects in terms of ACEX.

The trend on transition to automation of business concerned logistics in general and the market of sea cargo transportation in particular. In the port of Novorossiysk the new modern mooring aimed at process automation opened so, the speed of processing and service for clients improve. Besides, the majority of sea lines, such as Maersk and FESCO, try to pass to the electronic system of quotations that to the customer of transportation was as it is possible easier, quicker and are more transparent to be discharged on delivery of freight from a point And in a point B.

 «We try to be “in a trend” using the systems of our partners of sea lines. It helps to give prompt response to the client at market value that represents huge plus for our work», – comments Denis Bobrakov, the commercial director of ASEH in Novorossiysk. «More and more companies try to introduce in the systems online calculators because people do not want to communicate among themselves or with managers. It is simpler to receive the answer from a heartless system, than from the real person».

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