Logistics in fight against the COVID-19

The economy in most countries has hard time in connection with reduction of trade turnovers between the countries now. People go shopping less in order to avoid visit of public places. It leads to decrease in sales of goods and, as a result, decrease in tax payments from profit: automatically the volume of goods purchases from abroad falls.

“Our clients begin to order regular transportations with longer intervals and the reduced parties in most cases” – Kamran Aleskerov explains.

Many Chinese companies cannot withstand a wave of crisis now: they are getting closed, go bankrupt, the companies fire their staff and reduce the salary.

“We expect that to the middle of this year the general unemployment will grow to 6-10% in Hong Kong and to 10-15% in China” – Ken Hui predicts.

Even those countries in which the coronavirus was found quite recently “experienced” economic losses in connection with it. By March 11, 2020 in Turkey only one case of a coronavirus was recorded, however the sphere of logistics began “to suffer” long before it.

Melis Oman, Business Development Director of AIRON TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS, ACEX member in Turkey: “The main imported goods from China for Turkey are raw materials from which our country makes semi-finished products for export mainly to Europe. As a result, today export was reduced because of the shortage of raw materials for production”.

What are the problems in the field of small and medium-sized businesses during the quarantine period? You can find the answer in Logistics magazine.

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