AСEX about the Future of Courier Deliveries for Interfax

The failure of delivery times for international parcels, which occurred against the background of restrictions due to COVID-19, can be eliminated only after the resumption of passenger air transport: the use of cargo boards complicates delivery due to the lower frequency of flights, industry representatives say.


Russian Post, which is the largest postal operator in Russia, told Interfax that the company switched to land communication with those countries with which there are land borders, the delivery time to Europe from Russia increased by an average of three days. The situation with those countries with which there is only air traffic is somewhat more complicated: delivery to Israel increased by 25 days, to the United States and Canada - by 30 days, the Post said.

Leonid Mukhin"From Latvia to Russia, for example, after the cancellation of mail railcars for mail cargo, only air transport was possible – passenger boards of airBaltic or Aeroflot. During the pandemic, this delivery method did not become available," Leonid Mukhin, General Director of the PKS courier company, a ACEX Alliance member in Latvia, told Interfax. After the cancellation of flights, vehicles were used instead of air services, but some postal administrations in European countries do not have a regulated procedure for processing such mail. Bypass roads also increase delivery rates, so postal operators save money by consolidating volumes for weeks to carry cargo in an economical way.

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