Corporate newspaper ACEXPress #20 (April-June)

Summer is a discovery time!

This summer, we are waiting for discoveries, recovering from the quarantine and all the restrictive measures associated with it.

So we offer you to open and get acquainted with the bright summer ACEX Press issue.

Read in this issue:

  • COVER STORY: Logistics Dynasties. Is it possible to combine family and work?
  • BREAKING NEWS: What aspects have changed in logistics since the pandemic?

In addition:

  • MASTER CLASS: ACEX transportation experience for the Proton-Electrotex company
  • TAKE A DRIVE Alternative to High Rates and Queues

And finally:

  • OUR FELLOWS Life Hacks of Home Office

And for those readers who have a lot of free time, we suggest reading other ACEX Press issues.

We wish you only good news!

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