How to cut a window into China?

As you know, in the global world of digital opportunities, rules tend to unify. The customs clearance procedure in Russia is largely followed in line with the overall trend. The Declaration of goods for export has been scaled up with the help of the Customs code to the entire territory of the Customs Union. Goods sent for export from Russia are subject to customs clearance at customs posts, in the departments of customs clearance and control department of the region where the consignor is located. Under certain circumstances and with the acceptance of the customs authority you can carry out the procedure of registration in other places, but then you need to pay higher fees. In general, customs clearance of exports involves the sequence of sustained actions: handing the goods to customs control authorities, declaration and mandatory payments. Each stage is performed according to the rules in accordance with the Customs Code of the Customs Union.

How to cut a window into China?If the exporter does not have sufficient knowledge or capabilities for self-registration, he has the right to apply to the customs representative-broker, which under the contract with the exporter provides services for customs representation, payment of fees, filling in the declaration and the organization of transportation. There are 30 minutes to notify the customs authority of the goods arrival. And if the goods arrived outside working hours, then no more than 30 minutes from the moment of the next working day. After this procedure, the cargo is temporarily under customs control. But even before he leaves the territory of the Customs Union, the exporter must make a customs declaration, which contains information about the goods, foreign trade operations, the owner and recipient of the goods. Simultaneously with the adoption of the customs Declaration, mandatory payments are made. These include export customs duties and customs charges.

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