Corporate Newspaper ACEX Press #25


Today we are witnessing a new round of world history in real time, like a 360-degree turn of the world.  We don’t know what it will be like, but here’s what we know for sure – we have to take our place in it!

ACEX Press

The new issue of ACEX Press will tell you about anti-crisis measures relevant for the entire logistics industry today: Where are we going? Go or wait? How to sail?

And that’s not all! 

Read the April issue:

  • COVER STORY Back to the Future: Heading for China 
  • BREAKING NEWS TransRussia-2022: Logistics under Sanctions

In addition:

  • АСЕХ PLANET Hong Kong: Oriental Traditions in European Way 
  • PRO-MOTION Marketing Reloading 2022 

And finally:

  • THE POWER OF MANY ‘Pills’ for the Resource
  • ACEX GUIDE Non Roman Holiday 

Read the new issue of ACEX Press 25.

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At a time when the world is in a turbulent zone,
keep calm and do not panic!

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